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Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront compatibility with Adobe InDesign

The Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront web-to-print solutions include an extension for Adobe InDesign. This plug-in allows designers to export an InDesign publication to a StoreFront Package. Such a Package file can then be used in a customizable product as the basis of a templated design that users can personalize. Typical examples are business cards, letterhead, data sheets or posters. Package files can also be used for creating variable data products, provided you have a VDP license.

The StoreFront Converter extension is available in two different versions, for either InDesign CS6 or Creative Cloud. The installed version can be checked by selecting Help > Manage Extensions in Adobe InDesign. The Adobe Extension Manager will launch and list all the extensions that are installed. It also shows which extensions are enabled and what their version number is.

Apogee StoreFront InDesign converter extension

To download and install the latest version of the StoreFront Converter extension, go to StoreCenter and click the Download Plug-in option in the menu bar. A compressed ZIP-package will be downloaded that contains the latest versions of the extension as well as a tutorial for installing the plug-in in Adobe InDesign.