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Duplicate Product

ProjectManager: Duplicating Products
At A Glance

Portal 6 allows you to assign a new Job Bag ID when you duplicate a product.

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How It Works
You may now change the Job Bag ID when you duplicate a Product.
  1. Select the Product you want to Duplicate.
  2. In the toolbar, click the copy (double diskette) icon.
  3. Tool Bar
  4. Fill in the information for the duplicate product, including a new Job Bag ID if necessary.
Job Bag ID

Notice the Job Bag ID field is not in red, meaning it's not mandatory. If you track your Portal Products by Job Bag, you'll likely want to fill in new information.

Why Is This Important?
Many of you like to use the Job Bag ID field for your internal order number or some other distinctive job identifier. By including this field as part of the duplicate product function, it's easy to enter your new product information.