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PrintSphere Online Help Addendum

This page contains last-minute updates to the information available in the Online Help of PrintSphere. Separate online manuals are available for administrators and end users.

Tips & tricks

How to use PrintSphere for downloadable content

When a file is shared in PrintSphere, its sharing URL points to a page where users can download that file. The sharing URL cannot be used for direct downloads, which is something that could be very useful. For example: in an Apogee or Asanti StoreFront page you might want to include a link that allows store visitors to download a PDF file, such as your latest company brochure. Below is the procedure to use PrintSphere as the hosting server for documents you want to link to in StoreFront:

  • In PrintSphere, start by uploading the PDF to a folder. It is best to use a dedicated folder for all downloadable content, so that there is less chance you accidentally delete such linked data.
  • Click the 'Share' button for the uploaded file. Click 'Share link' and COPY the link that is shown.
  • Go to StoreFront and open the text to which you want to add a link in the HTML Editor.
  • Select the text you want to change into a download link and PASTE the URL into the Url field.
  • Now add /download at the end of the URL. That means if the original PrintSphere sharing URL was https://www.printsphere.com/access/index.php/s/P1lHtgkwQ2l6213 you now use https://www.printsphere.com/access/index.php/s/P1lHtgkwQ2l6213/download as the link.
  • Visit the store page and click the link to make sure that the download button pops up.

The above trick may not work for all file types, such as JPEG or PNG images. Instead of downloading an asset, the browser may visualize such an image in a new browser tab. You should embed such files in a ZIP-file to force the browser to download the file.

Sharing with groups

Since the October 16 upgrade users can also share files and folders with groups. When they start typing the name of a group they belong to in the sharing window, PrintSphere will automatically autocomplete its name. Users can see a list of groups they belong to in their personal profile page.

Known issues

  • There is no Linux version of the desktop client, even though the download icon in PrintSphere refers to it.
  • Drag and drop of folders works with Chrome and Opera but not with Internet Explorer or FireFox.