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Apogee StoreFront v 1.2.2 Release Notes

Version 1.2.2 of the Apogee StoreFront web-to-print system is a minor update. It fixes a few issues and includes improvements that mainly focus on working with customizable documents.

Support for a Help layer in the Online Editor

When users edit a document in the Online Editor, a new icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the window allows them to activate or deactivate a Help layer. This document layer can contain guidelines for properly customizing the publication. Help layers do not appear on softproofs nor the final PDF output. Creating a Help layer is documented in the Online Help.
Apogee storefront help layer for customizing documents

Fix for incorrect PDF output

This update fixes a rare issue with text not appearing correctly in the PDF output of a customizable document.

Updated Converter plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Version of the Apogee StoreFront Converter plug-in for InDesign can be downloaded from within StoreCenter. It is recommended to replace the old version of the plug-in by this new one on all the systems where it is installed.

There is still a known issue with the StoreFront Converter plug-in: if an InDesign document contains links to images that have certain non-ASCII characters such as 'ΓΈ' in their file name, creating a StoreFront Package can lead to a corrupted ZIP file. When such a ZIP file is uploaded to the StoreFront server, this process may not get finalized properly. When this happens please replace all the non-ASCII characters in the file names of linked files, update the links in Adobe InDesign and recreate the StoreFront Package.

Translation changes

Some minor changes were made in the web interface of stores for English, French and Faroese users.

Online Help

The Online Help which can be accessed from within StoreCenter has been updated. It now also describes all of the new functions of Apogee StoreFront 1.2.