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How to use the Apogee StoreFront Pitch tool

The Apogee StoreFront pitch tool is a free tool that enables you to create online sales presentations for promoting your web-to-print service. Creating pitches is pretty straightforward. This document provides background information and covers frequently asked questions.

apogee storefront pitch tool carousel

Guidelines for creating a pitch

The Primary color is used for the titles on the carousel of the homepage, for the titles on all other pages and for the link indicator in the top menu bar. Do not use white to avoid that titles become invisible.

The Secondary color is used for the navigation on all pages and any links added to the ‘About us’ page. As long as you do not create hyperlinks, white can be used.

An Impressum is a legally mandated statement of the ownership and authorship of a document, such as a web site. Its usage is mandatory in Germany and certain other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland. If your pitch will not be used in any of these countries, this field can be left empty.

Frequently asked questions

I made a custom carousel on the homepage but it lags: the text boxes appear out of sync with the matching images. How can I fix this?
Ideally the file size of images on the homepage is below 100K. This ensures that they can be loaded fast enough during the animation. If the images you used are larger, open them in an image editing application like Adobe Photoshop and save them as JPEG files using an appropriate compression ratio.

I added a link to our company web site on the ‘About us’ page but it is not visible in the pitch. When I position my mouse over its location, the cursor does however change to indicate that the link is present. How can I make that link visible?
Hyperlinks are displayed using the secondary color of your pitch. If this is set to white, the link is invisible on the white background of the ‘About us’ page. Edit your pitch and select a different secondary color.