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StoreFront useful links

Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront are the web-to-print solutions of Agfa Graphics. They enable print service providers to create and manage online stores for offset as well as digital print. The online help for StoreFront can be accessed from StoreCenter, the web-based backoffice application. This page provides links to additional sources of information, including pages created by the Agfa team or services that integrate well with StoreFront.


The primary source of information about StoreFront is its Online Help and the Online Help Addendum. A separate page covers the technical specifications.

Agfa Graphics provides extensive technical and expert services, so that you have the knowledge and support you need to run a productive and profitable business. Please contact your local Agfa Services team or dealer if you have questions regarding the use of Apogee StoreFront or Asanti StoreFront.

Questions can also be posted on the APOGEEnetwork forums, preferably in the 'Portal' section. Existing StoreFront users can register for free on this page.

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Technotes and training videos

For questions that pop up regularly, we post technotes on this site. Topics that are covered include:

Training videos are posted on the Agfa Graphics Youtube channel .

StoreFront Academy videos are available as direct downloads. They are not in HD quality and not edited extensively, so these do not get posted on YouTube.

  • Academy 02 2017 (55 min, 177 MB) - What is new in StoreFront version 4.0
  • Academy 12 2016 (57 min, 187 MB) - Personalisation, anchors & v4 preview
  • Academy 07 2016 (51 min, 180 MB) - What is new in StoreFront version 3.5
  • Academy 02 2016 (36 min, 140 MB) - What is new in StoreFront version 3.1
  • Academy 12 2015 (32 min, 118 MB) - UTM codes, oversized banners, MIS Export option
  • Academy 11 2015 (50 min, 153 MB) - Customer interaction, hyphenating text, v3.1 preview
  • Academy 06 2015 (43 min, 113 MB) - FUD, StoreFront version 3.0, the spcr
  • Academy 05 2015 (41 min, 101 MB) - Customer acquisition, saved searches, the 'image' button
  • Academy 02 2015 (44 min, 119 MB) - 2014 busiest stores, custom invoices, what is new in v2.3.1
  • Academy 12 2014 (47 min, 207 MB) - What is new in StoreFront version 2.3

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Additional resources

StoreFront is currently at version 4.5.5. On the server status page you can see when each update occurred.

The StoreFront Starterkit is a 35 MB download that contains artwork, sales presentations & other tools to create stores and sell the web-to-print service to your customers.

StoreFront is mainly used for private stores but there are print service providers who created public stores with it. A small selection is listed on this page about web-to-print stores powered by StoreFront.

Other resources that can be useful for StoreFront admins:



  • ZXing Decoder - no smartphone at hand? take a screenshot of a QR code & upload it to this page to check if it works.
  • DMCinfo has a page to generate the code for a vCard or MECARD QR code. The ZXing site has a similar tool.
  • Chat services: Zendesk Chat and Olark chat services can be integrated in the home page of a web-to-print store. Only these two have been tested but other chat services may work just as well.
  • Newsletters: MailChimp is one of the many email marketing services that enable you to integrate a newsletter subscription page to a store. This page explains why email marketing is the key to ecommerce success.
  • For link validation use Open Site Explorer to check incoming links to a public store.
  • The Google URL builder makes it easy to use UTM-codes so you can track the success of e-mail campaigns, tweets or other links using Google Analytics.

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