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Scalable Flipbook

Scalable Flipbook/Preview in :APOGEE WebApproval

At A Glance:

With Agfa Apogee WebApproval 7, the Flipbook and Preview scale to the individual monitor's resolution and browser window size.

Applies To:

ProjectManager; WebApproval

How It Works:

There's nothing you need to do. When viewing a job's Flipbook or Preview proof, the image is scaled to the local machine's browser window and resolution. Previously, the display was static, which meant wasted space on large displays or high resolution settings, or pages looking like they were overflowing the display area on small displays or those set to low resolution.

The examples below show how Flipbook scales as the browser window is resized.

Example of Apogee PageMaster Flipbook in two different windows

Notice the tools look the same between the two windows but the Flipbook is scaled? The browser window in the smaller image has simply been resized to be smaller and the Flipbook adjusted automatically.

Why is this Important?

By automatically re-sizing the Flipbook or Preview proof, your users will now be able to see the entire image, regardless of the monitor resolution and browser window size.