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Connecting proofing devices to Apogee

Apogee offers the capability to create proofs on a variety of proofing devices.

To know exactly which proofing devices are supported directly by Apogee, use the selection table below and see what version of the workflow is required in order to drive the proofing device.

In case your specific proofing device is not listed, Apogee still offers the capability to prepare jobs and create proof-ready files for these proofing devices as well. These proof-ready files can be sent to a GDI connection, which offers in many cases a good solution. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for output in terms of colors and quality when a GDI connection drives these proofing devices as we cannot control nor alter the data provided by this solution.


  • Proofing devices, which are not supported, might change to "supported" in the future.
  • To drive additional proofing devices, additional licenses might be required.


  • Driver available = The driver is available and was validated using a simulation tool.
  • Basic driver validation = The driver was validated with an actual proofing device, but not used in production by a customer.
  • Customer installed = The driver is used in production at a customer and was approved by the customer in terms of functionality.