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JMFLink Workflow Advanced Tutorial

About this advanced tutorial

This Advanced Tutorial explains how to use the Agfa Apogee Prepress JMFLink task processor (also referred to as "Distribute & Print") to export job results from one :APOGEE Prepress System (the "Distributor" site) for use on another :APOGEE Prepress System (the "Receiver" site).

:APOGEE Prepress JMFLink allows a workflow to export intermediate data for use at another :APOGEE Prepress site.
The idea is to build the entire job (including job settings and PDF documents) at one :APOGEE Prepress site (the "Distributor" site) and to export this content to file in JDF format.
The exported JDF file is then sent to the other :APOGEE Prepress site (the "Receiver" site) where it is received automatically, rendered and imaged.

  • Normalizing, preflighting, PDF trapping, separation and in some cases imposition is performed at the Distributor site.
  • Media, resolution, calibration, linearization curve and simulation curve are sent to receiver side when both :APOGEE Prepress versions are the same. The job settings and PDF pages can also be modified at the Receiver site.

Download the tutorial sample

Tutorial Objectives

This Advanced Tutorial is divided into 3 lessons (18 pages). In these lessons, you will learn how to:

  • Create a job to send pages to the Receiver and a send a revision of a page.
  • Create a job to send imposed pages (signatures) to the Receiver.

Who Should Follow this Tutorial

This tutorial has been prepared for Administrators and Operators who want to learn about JDF and JMF in Agfa Apogee Prepress by performing step-by-step procedures.


You will need approximately 2 hours to complete the lessons in this Advanced Tutorial.

  • Advanced Tutorial Objectives
  • Before You Begin
  • About JMFLink
  • Contact Us
  • Lesson 1: Configuring JDF Server and JMFLink - Fully included in the sample file
  • Lesson 2: Distributing and Receiving Files/Single Pages
  • Lesson 3: Distributing and Receiving Signatures


Download the JDF and JMF Advanced Tutorial sample file.
Contact your local Agfa sales or service representative to purchase the full version of this advanced tutorial or send us an email.