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Apply Color settings v7.1.0

Resource Type:

Apogee Preflight Action List

Applies To:

Apogee Prepress 7.1 and higher
Agfa Apogee Preflight Icon

What it does

The action ap_Apply Color settings v7.1.0 will convert the document to the press profile and apply the separation settings to the spotcolors.
It needs to be performed after the RunList in an Export flow.
It will not apply press repurposing and InkSave (a warning notification will be given).

  • Convert to press colorspace
    Convert the input colorspace to the colorspace of the press.
    Equal RGB will be converted to Black only.
  • Tag/convert spotcolors
    Tag the spotcolors with the cmyk value of the ticket and
    convert spotcolors which are in the convert plane of the separate parameter view.
  • Handle separation output settings
    Disabled process or spotcolors will be set to zero in the resulting vector PDF file (to preserve knockout).
    Colors can be disabled in the job ticket image pane of the output device.
    This allows a user to export a PDF file which only contains certain spotcolors (f.e. dieline).
  • Handle (process) color mapping

  • Click here to download the preflight resource.