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APOGEE > Apogee Preflight action 'Check Digital Raster files v7.1.0'

Check Digital Raster files v7.1.0

Resource Type:

Apogee Preflight Action List

Applies To:

Agfa Apogee Prepress 7.1 and higher
Agfa Apogee Preflight Icon

What it does:

The Apogee Prepress action ap_Check DigitalRaster files v7.1.0 verifies if the 1 bit images have the same resolution as the output device. If they are not the same, the user is warned.
The PDFRender is able to handle these differences, but some scaling will take place which can cause artifacts.

This action should only be used when there is a valid output device. Apogee Preflight will report a user notification if no output device is available.


Click here to download the preflight resource.