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Check Page Sizes Against Product v7.1.0

Resource Type:

Apogee Preflight Action List

Applies To:

Apogee Prepress 7.1

What it does

The actionlist ap_CheckPageSizesAgainstProduct v7.1.0 verifies the pagesize (trim) depending on the product information, it never uses the page sizes defined by the imposition layout. The precision of this action is 1 point.

When the product is not defined you will get a notification (undefined error).

The action can be used before or after runlist, but it will only use the page size information inside the product setup:

  • When the action is run before the runlist a proper check can only be performed when all pages of all parts are identical in size (or when there is only one part).
    If the product setup uses different pagesizes, you will get a notification that the action cannot be performed. In this case you should place the action behind the runlist.
  • When the action is run after the runlist, preflight will check the placed pages against the product (part) setup. The page adjustments (offset and scale) are taken into account.

Reader spreads are not supported, the automatic reader spread mechanism will only change the trimbox of the second placement. The first placement will still have a trimbox of twice the expected page size and this will generate a mismatch error.
Click here to download the preflight resource.

Note: This action can be run together with the Apogee Preflight actionlist Check Page Sizes Against Imposition Layout v7.1.0