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APOGEE > ap Fix PDF Inconsistencies v7.0.6

Fix PDFInconsistencies v7.0.6

Resource Type:

Apogee Preflight Action List

Applies To:

Apogee Prepress 7

What it does

The action ap_Fix PDFInconsistencies v7.0.6 combines several actions which change the PDF so that it renders correctly in all circumstances.

These actions are:

  • Disable the overprint for ICC based objects.
    The PDF specification says that ICC based objects cannot have overprint, but some applications (renderers) don't honor this.
  • Resolve registration colors (All) which are in the content (within trimbox) on a page basis.
    This prevents the content from changing when you impose pages or add spotcolors (rule-ups, impose marks, ...)
  • Inspect the colors in the document and inform the Apogee PDFRender when these spotcolors need to be treated specially.
    The PDFRender emulate overprint option will be automatically enabled.
  • Convert NChannel objects in overprint to DeviceN objects.
    NChannel objects are more complex and can cause issues when using press retargeting and inksave.
  • Already resolve the CTM in the clippath.
    An object with a clippath and transformation matrix (CTM) can cause white lines when placed in Adobe Indesign CS5 or earlier.
Click here to download the preflight resource.