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DetectFontRenderingIssues v7.0.1

Resource Type:

Apogee Preflight Action List

Applies To:

Apogee Prepress 7

What it does

The action DetectFontRenderingIssues v7.0.1 verifies whether the fonts in the PDF are in accordance to the PDF specification. A violation of the specification often causes unexpected results after rendering.
The following issues can be detected:

  • glyph's outline is crossed
  • glyph's outline has invalid direction
  • charstring includes invalid Hit-operator
  • charProc doesn't include D0-D1-operator
  • private Dict is empty
  • font matrix is not normalized
  • private Dict keys are not normalized
  • symbol 'Space' is omitted
  • symbol '.notdef' is omitted
  • eexec part is HEX encoded
  • charstrings includes Hint-operators which aren't situated at the beginning of charstring
  • duplicated CIDs are included
  • CID is out of range (CIDCount)
  • there are known problems with the font with the given name and version
  • font descriptor contains symbolic and non-symbolic flags enabled at the same time
  • font descriptor contains symbolic flag enabled whereas the font seems to be non-symbolic
Click here to download the preflight resource.