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Additional Pantone Color Books for Apogee Prepress 7

Resource Type:

Generic Press Color Book

Applies To:

Agfa Apogee Prepress 7
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What it does:

Color-Books-Icon Pantone Metallic, Pantone 2010 color books and others can be loaded into :Apogee Prepress 7. By default, they are not loaded on your system but are available on Apogee Network. Instructions for loading a color book are available in the Adding Additional Pantone Color Books module.

Available additional Pantone Color Books

The following additional Pantone Color Books are available in the ZIP file:

  • Pantone Metallic Coated
  • Pantone C Spectral Plus 2010
  • Pantone U Spectral Plus2010
  • Pantone C Spectral Goe
  • Pantone U Spectral Goe
  • Pantone C Spectral Pastel
  • Pantone U Spectral Pastel
  • Pantone CVC Spectral 1994
  • Pantone CV Spectral 1994
  • Pantone CVU Spectral 1994


Click here to download the Additional Pantone ColorBooks.