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Apogee Preflight

Training module Apogee Prepress 8.0

About this training module

In this training module you learn how to use Apogee Preflight, an integrated preflight module of Apogee Prepress.

Download the tutorial sample

Who should follow this training module

This training module has been created for Administrators and Operators who want to learn about preflighting in Agfa Apogee Prepress.


You will need approximately 3 hours to complete the complete training module.

  • Prerequisites
  • Introduction to Apogee Preflight
  • Using Apogee Preflight action lists - Fully included in the sample file
    • Exercise: set 'Notify' for Fixes
  • Editable action lists
    • Exercise: Check Bleed
  • Adjusting specific pages of a job
    • Exercise: Spot color conflicts
    • Exercise: Convert to Gray
    • Exercise: Fix Error on PDF Specification
  • Working with Apogee Preflight Profiles
    • Exercise: Using an Apogee Preflight Profile
  • The Preflight Reporter Plug-in in Acrobat
    • Exercise: Using the Preflight Reporter Plug-In
  • Apogee Preflight with Export Task Processor
    • Exercise: Apogee Preflight with Export Task Processor
  • Creating PDFX files
    • Exercise: Creating PDFX-1a files
    • Exercise: Creating PDFX-4 files
  • Additional Notes
    • Simulate Overprint in Acrobat
    • Additional Action Lists Information
    • Action List Categories
    • Opening Apogee Preflight Result
    • Custom Apogee Preflight Resources
    • Multi-Page Files
    • Saving Changes
    • Order of Execution
    • Convert to Gray
    • Latest Version of Apogee Preflight Resources
    • Detect Font Rendering Issues
    • Resource filtering
    • Job Errors and Notification Options
    • Using the Apogee Preflight Reporter Tool
    • Icons in the Apogee Preflight Reporter Tool
    • Apogee Preflight Report configuration settings
    • Report Template
    • PDFX-1A necessary fixes
    • Color Management in Apogee Preflight
  • Limitations


Download the 'Apogee Preflight' training module sample file.
Download the resources for the lesson included in the sample file.

Contact your local Agfa sales or service representative to purchase the full version of this training module or send us an email.