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Training module Apogee Prepress 8.0

About this training module

In this training module you learn how Trapping works in Agfa Apogee Prepress.

What is Trapping?

Trapping is a prepress procedure that obscures potential register errors between different color separations.
These register errors can be caused by paper shifting, environmental variables, presses or plates that are out of register, etc.
To obscure the errors, the trapper creates small overlaps where the different colors meet.

Download the tutorial sample

Who should follow this training module

This training module has been created for Administrators who want to learn more about Trapping in Apogee Prepress.


You will need approximately 4 hours to complete the training module.

  • Prerequisites
  • Introduction to Trapping
  • Apogee TrapSpotter Acrobat plug-in
    • Creating Local Trap Zones - Included in the sample file
    • Overlapping Local and Global Zones
    • Normal Trapping - Trap direction
    • Trap Styles and Corner Shapes
    • Trapping Images
    • Relative Color Step Limit option
    • Sliding Traps
    • Trap Color Density Reduction
    • Black Trapping
    • Reverse traps (choke objects below Black or Opaque colorants)
    • The trap order
    • Colorant Types
  • PDFRender trap settings
    • PDFRender - Trap operation settings
    • Various exercises on Trapping
  • Additional Notes
    • Trapping values
    • Disabling Trap Zones
    • Trimming Trap Zones
    • Trap Zone Labels (numbering)
    • Mixed Trap Settings
    • Trap Algorithm-same colorants
    • Trap Algorithm-different colorants
  • Limitations


Download the 'Trapping' sample training file.
Download the resources for the exercise included in the sample file.

Contact your local Agfa sales or service representative to purchase the full version of this training module or send us an email.