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Training module Apogee Prepress 8.0

About this training module

In this training module you learn how Versioning works in Agfa Apogee Prepress.

What is Versioning?

The Versioning feature allows you to create jobs which contain several different versions, typically for some or all of the text (for example, using different languages or prices), and to choose the optimal set of plates to be made. If, for example, you want to publish a brochure in six different languages, you can include the Versioning Task Processor in your Production Plan, and then print several different language versions of the brochure using a single job. The basic Production Plan is straightforward, using a Versioning Task Processor instead of a Run List Task Processor, allowing you to optimize the usage of plates to produce the versions.

The main purpose is to generate accurate proofs of the different plate versions before assembly and output. This ensures optimal usage of resources and media.

Download the tutorial sample

Who should follow this training module

This training module has been created for Administrators who want to learn more about Versioning in Apogee Prepress.


You will need approximately 4 hours to complete the training module.

  • Prerequisites
  • Introduction to Versioning
  • Setup of a Versioning job
    • Create Versions via the Versioning assistant - Included in the sample file
      • Exercise: from folders
      • Exercise: from pages
      • Exercise: from PDF layers
    • Reduce plates with the correct plate setup
      • Exercise: page change
    • Different Version elements in one job
      • Exercise: language change and address imprint in one job
    • Proofing and Versioning
      • Exercise: imposition proof
  • Files with wrong overprint behavior
    • Versioning jobs without "master" Version
    • Order of the layers
      • Exercise: trying out the create "master" Version.
  • Additional Notes
    • Starting the Versioning assistant
    • Filling up the run list manually
    • Different Versioning types
    • Different Versioning files
    • Raster preview of Versioning data
    • Speed up filling in the Versions info
  • Limitations


Download the 'Versioning' sample training file.
Download the resources for the exercise included in the sample file.

Contact your local Agfa sales or service representative to purchase the full version of this training module or send us an email.