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Autostart from Prepress

PlateMaker: Autostart of Imaging from Prepress
At A Glance

Prepress can be configured to send jobs to Platemaker that will start imaging automatically without
operator intervention.

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How It Works

This setting is configured with the Prepress client for the PlateMaker server when running as Service
access level.

  1. Select the :A icon.
  2. CPSI Render Icon
  3. Select the JDF Server resource at the bottom of the window.
  4. In the JDF Server window, under the Planless Submission tab, select the Automatically Start Printing checkbox. Be aware that the Add "Collect for Output" before Main Device checkbox must be selected first.
System Overview JDF Server Window

When jobs are sent using a plan that includes the PlateMaker Link, the automatically generated job on PlateMaker will include a Collect for Output action with the Automatically start printing when the group is complete selected.

:Apogee Prepress :Apogee PlateMaker
Why is this Important?
Previously, operator intervention was necessary to start imaging a job sent by Prepress. Now the PlateMaker system can act as a simple passthrough to a platesetter. This would be desirable in a shop with an automated platesetter when you don't need to manage the output queue.