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CPSI Render

Technology Update: CPSI Rendering
At A Glance

The CPSI (Configurable PostScript Interpreter) Renderer from Adobe has NOT been updated for Prepress 6. In fact, it has been included only as a convenience for you.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof

How It Works

No functionality in the CPSI Renderer has been updated for 6.0. The last release of this technology was incorporated into Prepress 5.0 and will not be updated going forward. Adobe's PDFRender has replaced this rather unwieldy and old code set.

CPSI Render Icon CPSI Render Icon
Why is this Important?
Agfa will be eliminating the CPSI technology from the Prepress product in the near future. If you are still using it to process your work, you need to explore PDFRender and start to transition your workflow. you'll find many advantages to using PDFRender, most notably the ability to process your PDF files natively. This means you no longer have to flatten transparencies prior to rendering, instead, just send the file through the PDFRenderer and your transparencies will be handled without the dreaded "white box" problem.

The most of the parameter sets between the two different technologies are shared. The exception is the Render portion. If you are new to PDFRender, you will need to create parameter sets specifically for this part of the task. For additional information, please consult the on-line Help files or Agfa's on-line ApogeeX 4.0 instruction. For a more personalized workflow checkup, contact us to arrange an on-site consultation at 1-978-284-7173.