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Critical System Messages

UI Change: Critical System Messages
At A Glance

When critical system messages are displayed in the message board, they cannot be ignored.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof, PlateMaker

How It Works

System messages that appear in a "Critical Alert" window must be dealt with. You cannot just close the window and continue working.

Selecting the Review button opens the standard Message Board window which will give you details of the problem.

Messages that are deemed to be critical are:
- when a database or disk with SQL databases gets disabled (e.g. because a disk is full or some other reason) or has reached the capacity watermark
- when a database backup fails
- when the SQL database size exceeds 3.5 GB

Why is this Important?
Important messages should never be ignored. This ensures that corrective action will be taken in a timely manner. If you encounter a critical message at your site, feel free to call the LCC for support at 1(800)-TRY-AGFA or 1(800)-879-2432.