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Discard Filter

Enhancement: Discard
At A Glance

Enhancements to the Discard filter allow for product-level as well as flow-level elements to be discarded. More user friendly choices allow easier selection of what and when to discard.

Applies To:

Automate, PDF & Proof

How It Works

When a discard filter is added to a flow, there are three fields of choices when the discard action is selected.

Discard Always

The three enhanced discard fields make the choices more intuitive. The first choice is between discard and include. The second choice defines the range of pages/sheets to discard and the third field selects when to discard. Discard also distinguishes between initial content and revised content.

Select Discard Results outside of range Select Always

The new structure allows flexibility with proofing when revisions are made. It is possible to include with initial content then discard with changed content or vice versa.

The syntax for selection of sheets, sides and other elements is now defined in the window. No need to reference a separate tutorial for less-frequently used settings.

These features have been enhanced to work with Parts and Production Sets in Multi-Part jobs.

Select Results outside of range
Why is this Important?
More elements can be kept in a single job and discarded as needed. Jobs can be defined more specifically.