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Exporting Color Mapped PDFs

PDFRender: Exporting Mapped Spot Colors
At A Glance

PDFRender 2.0 in conjunction with the PDF Export option provides enhanced functionality for extracting color mapped PDFs from Prepress 6.

Applies To:

Automate*, Manage* (requires PDF Export Option)

How It Works
Currently, we support the following color mappings when exporting PDFs:

Spot to Spot
Spot to Process

When using PDFRender to output high resolution plate files, we also support Process to Process and Process to Spot. However due to current limitations within the PDFRenderer, these mappings are not available for export.

Why is this Important?
Think about those beautiful files you sometimes get. They are creative and colorful. Unfortunately, they also have a ton of spot colors. In a typical commercial printing environment, they might actually print as a 6/c file. So what to do with all those extra colors? Instead of having to remember what you did with each spot, you can use your Export TP to generate a new PDF that contains just the colors that will be used, converting some spots to process and mapping others to the spots that will be printed.