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PDFRender: Spot to CMYK
At A Glance

PDFRender Overprint handling changed between PDFRender 1.1 (ApogeeX 4 and Prepress 5) and PDFRender 2.0.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof

How It Works

A new "blending" algorithm was implemented to convert multitones. This results in better matching of the PDFRender Output with the Acrobat view, but the output may be different from the CPSI Render or the PDFRender in version 5.0 and earlier. This will be visible in case the color definitions are set to "from Application"

When restoring jobs from Apogee Prepress 5.0 or earlier, you have to be careful about the color breakdown of spot colors that were converted.

Auto-Values Preview

The Pantone 102 C was set to "convert to process", press color values to "Automatic" and using the application values. Giving us a breakdown of 0 C, 5.10 M, 88.24 Y, and 3.92 K. The result of the separations in the Raster Preview indicates; 8.0 C, 1 M, 94 Y, and no K.

The difference between Separation and Raster Preview occurs because PDFRender calculated the values from input. The CMYK values in the Raster Preview are the ones that are accurate.

The CMYK values from PDFRender 2.0 will be more consistent with the applications in Adobe Creative Suite: Acrobat, PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator. The printed output will look more like the screen previews of illustrations viewed in Adobe applications.

To overwrite these values for older jobs, restored jobs from previous versions, jobs using older applications and/or older Pantone books where we need to insure exact color breakdown, de-select the Automatic checkbox by the Color values. In effect, this locks these values for the job.

Auto-Values Preview

Now, both values match, insuring an exact breakdown of the color to match the previous output.

Why is this Important?
Any job that is restored from a previous version should ALWAYS be checked in the Raster Preview before being released to film or plate.

As the handling of color mamagement technology advances to insure consistency between applications, monitor, proofs, press, etc., some differences might be expected from older color definitions. Older applications used had different color books and different ways of handling the conversion from spot to CMYK. The PDFRender 2.0 demonstrates a better combined spot appearance for a wider range of color than previous versions.