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Job List View

UI Change: Job List/Device List Width Memory
At A Glance

Prepress 6 now remembers the column widths in your Jobs window.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof, PlateMaker

How It Works

Your column widths for status, order number, jobname, flows and date will be saved when the client is closed. This setting is for the given workstation only, and is not operator specific. The ability to collapse the device list or job list panes is still available from the View menu.

Why is this Important?
It is nice when an application remembers your preferences when you close and reopen it. The buttons to collapse the device list and job list panes were removed so you will not mistakenly select them and wonder why everything disappeared. Both enhancements save time and increase productivity.