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Keyboard Shortcuts

User Interface: Keyboard Shortcuts
At A Glance

Prepress 6.0 includes some new keyboard shortcuts and changes one. In Preview, Ctrl+R (Windows) / Cmd+R (Macintosh) no longer toggles rulers on and off. Instead, it shows/hides the Portal Remarks window.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render

How It Works

Additional keyboard shortcuts work like all other keyboard shortcuts, press a modifier key and a standard key on your keyboard. Standard keys include alphanumeric and punctuation keys.
To take advantage of keyboard shortcuts, reference the Prepress Help menu and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click the appropriate list. In the dialog below, we selected Other Keyboard Shortcuts, then Page Store/Run List Shortcuts. If you're keyboard oriented, you may find a few you didn't know were there, like Ctrl+B/Cmd+B to change a placeholder into a blank page, or ALT+drag/Cmd+drag to insert pages in an existing Run List.

Keyboad Shortcut List
Why is this Important?
By exploring what's available, you are conducting a workflow checkup of sorts. We tend to be repetitive in how we do things and sometimes that's because we don't know that There's a different way to do things. If you are keyboard centric, and you've been using Prepress for awhile, take the time to look through the lists of shortcuts. You may find something you've been wanting for a while!