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Macintosh Open Template

User Interface: Editing Preps Templates
At A Glance

With the release of Prepress 6, you may now edit Preps templates from the Macintosh client. This feature has already been available using the Windows client.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage

How It Works

There are a couple of prerequisites to take advantage of this feature.
1. You must have the Apogee Imposition Manager option.
2. You must have a copy of Preps running locally and access to the shared Preps templates & marks folder.

To open the template from within the Prepress client, do the following:
1. Select a job from the job list.
2. Ensure that ALL PROCESSING on the job is finished. Do NOT edit any template while a job is processing.
3. Go to the Imposition task and select the template you want to edit from the list.
4. CMD-click (Macintosh) or RIGHT-click (Windows) and select Open Template.

Preps Templates
5. When you've completed your edits, save and close the template.
6. Remember to REFRESH and REPLACE your signatures!
Why is this Important?
it's important because it gives you access to your Preps templates from within the client on your local workstation whether you're running a Macintosh or a Windows system. And it means behavior between the two clients matches.

One BIG thing to remember, NEVER open your templates from within the client if the job is currently processing.

And ALWAYS refresh your template list when you've completed an edit.

Of course, There's always the "old" way, just edit the templates from a standalone copy of Preps!