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Technology Update: Normalizer 9.0
At A Glance

Prepress 6 incorporates Adobe's latest Normalizer libraries.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof

How It Works

it's automatic. You don't have to do anything, when you send PostScript or EPS files through the Normalizer, the system will generate PDFs based on Adobe's 9.0 normalization libraries.

Why is this Important?
By using up to date technology within the Prepress workflow, you are assured PDFs generated by the system are fully compliant with Adobe's most recent standards.

Keep in mind when you submit a PDF to the Prepress system, the Normalizer DOES NOT "re-PDF" the PDF. Instead, only the fourth tab of your Normalizer parameter settings is used. Settings in this tab include font substitution and Pantone color naming. Take the opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with the features offered, give your parameter sets a check up!