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Printing Machine Support

PlateMaker: Support for Trays (Printing Machines)
At A Glance

The PlateMaker system now supports trays, or Printing Machines.

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How It Works

On the PlateMaker system, trays can be imported and used in the Output Parameter set.

  1. In the System Overview window, select the platesetter task processor, then open the Parameter set resource.
  2. Select the Output icon, and either add a new or edit an existing parameter set.
  3. In the Media section, select Printing Machines from the first drop down menu. Now, a Printing Machine defined by the platesetter can be selected.
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Why is this Important?
The PlateMaker system is now able to take advantage of the positioning parameters defined for each Printing Machine from the AvalonN control panel. So, if sheet size 1-bit TIFF files produced by third-party workflows are sent to PlateMaker, setback and positioning information from the engine can be used, instead of replicating those settings on the PlateMaker. This makes quick work of last-minute press changes.