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Update Manager

Enhancement: Update Manager
At A Glance

The Update Manager now has the option to connect to a web server and download newly-released updates.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Proof, PDF & Proof

How It Works

The Update Manager has a button at the bottom that will allow automatic updating. It will not install (or reboot Prepress) without operator intervention but it will connect, download, and save the update files.

Check for Updates

Conventional drag and drop is still supported. Once the files have been downloaded directly or dragged into Update Manager, click on Install.

A Password is now required to install updates. This prevents unauthorized users from changing the updates. The password will be available from the installer or trainer at the time of upgrade.

Install Updates
Enter Password

New Option settings, available by clicking on the word Options in the blue box, allow you to modify general preferences and connection settings. Click Edit to make changes, then click Apply.

Installed Updates Installed Updates
Why is this Important?
With automatic updating, software updates are received and stored on the system so installation can be initiated and completed very rapidly. This also facilitates remote updating and helps with management of multiple platform installations.