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Open Connect Features

PlateMaker: OpenConnect
At A Glance

OpenConnect now includes a Raster Normalizer task processor and an error folder. There are some small changes to the task processor itself.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, PlateMaker

How It Works

The Raster Normalizer task processor is automatically included whenever an OpenConnect task processor is used in a plan.

OpenConnect Workflow OpenConnect Workflow 2
Why is the Raster Normalizer Important?
Previously, you would be unsure if a file was being processed. The Raster Normalizer enables you to see activity while OpenConnect is processing a file. It also provides a new point from which you can "Reprocess from first."
How the Error Folder Works
Prepress automatically creates an error folder named MISMATCH to hold files that fail to match the naming convention described by OpenConnect. A yellow triangle sign will appear next to a Hot Ticket when a mismatch occurs between a filename and the template settings for naming conventions. Clicking on the yellow triangle will open a Problem Report window stating the file was moved to the MISMATCH folder. The MISMATCH folder is located within the OpenConnect hot folder in OpenConnectRoot.
OpenConnect Workflow Notification Problem Report Tif file name
Why is the Error Folder Important?
Previously, when a filename did not match the expected naming convention, the file failed, and, depending on its format, sometimes did not generate an error. In either case, the file was gone and a new file needed to be created or submitted to the hot ticket. Now, if a file is generated into the wrong folder, or simple testing is going on to decide a workable naming convention, a file that errors is not lost.
Alternate Front/Back checkbox removed
The Alternate Front/Back checkbox was removed from the Flats/Pages section of the parameter set to simplify setup. Parameter Set