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Filename App6.0.0_HF_ALL_565023_Essential_Fixes_3.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID 565023
Size 363078073 bytes
Date Published 13-OCT-2009

Date of Issue: July 7th, 2009
Copyright Agfa Graphics NV 2009

APR-41485: JobStore: Import versioning job from archive: occasionally pages are missing
APR-44751: PDFRender: specific file: yellow lines appearing in background when rendering
	at resolutions higher than 1200
APR-44802, APR-46277, APR-46654: PDFRender: Trapping artefacts when calibration or 
	simulation curves are enabled.
APR-46078: Epson x900: When printing in asymetric resolution, the verification strip is printed
	asymetrically scaled when choosing optimize orientation.
APR-46209, APR-46327: Epson x900: Measurement Device: validation not correct if job is rotated 90 degrees.
APR-46342: PDFRender: Trapping enabled: error "Acessing invalid image"
APR-46459: PalladioII: TP does not connect to the engine through the PIF interface card
APR-46328: Epson x900: Measurement Device: we continue printing, even if the validation check fails.
APR-46617: Epson x900: crash if the press profile needs to be taken from the PDF Output Intent
APR-46923, APR-47488: PDFRender: Trapping enabled: for some pages, you get 'Number of components 
	does not match color space'
APR-46954: PDFRender: specific file: rotated page: image is completely clipped
APR-47034, APR-48547: PlateMaker: manually created media on Prepress is not synchronised to Platemaker
APR-47086: Apogee Preflight: no automatic reprocessing after resolving a spot color conflict
APR-47153: MPRESS Color Separations: submitting any job with an MPRESS Color Separation TP
	results in a JMF syntax error.
APR-47184: PreviewServer: huge memory consumption when opening DQS Raster Preview
APR-47236: Apogee Preflight: improved support for PDF/X4
APR-47320: Apogee Preflight: need better progress visualization.
APR-47329: Epson x900: Measurement Device: validation fails if there are multiple renderers installed
	NOTE: apart from this fix, it is imperative to collate by job in a configuration with multiple
APR-47514, APR-48936: Apogee Preflight: PDF X/4 verification different compared to Enfocus Preflight.
APR-47584: JDFServer: added support for relative paths in the JDF (JDFLayout pointing to marks)
APR-47594: Preview for DQS: performance issue when switching from lores to hires preview
APR-47608: Avalon N36: Need support for very small plate sizes.
APR-47681: Export TP: Export keeps the input files locked so that they cannot be deleted when the job is deleted.
APR-47785, APR-48686, APR-48699, APR-48704, APR-48752: Apogee Preflight: the 'apply color settings' action 
		does not honor the separation settings
APR-47793: PageMaster WebApproval: jdf server log databases grows too much for jobs with more than 900 pages
APR-48025, APR-48800: PDFRender: conversion to CMYK different compared to Apogee Preflight.
APR-48026, APR-48831: Apogee Preflight: PDF/X verification different compared to Enfocus Preflight.
APR-48027: Normalizer: when using ruling maps, spot color screens from application are not honored
APR-48315, APR-48833: Enfocus Preflight: specific file causes a crash of the TP. 
APR-48322: Installer: when upgrading, it's possible that some files remain locked
	and cannot be replaced by the installer. This hotfix must be installed prior to upgrading to 7.0
APR-48323: JDFServer: added support for multipart JDF-jobs with SplitForProof
APR-48580: Apogee Preflight: specific file causes a color normalizer error.
APR-48581: ApoDiag: Statistics about TP usage not correctly calculated.
APR-48613: PDFRender: using a specific press profile causes a memory access violation.
APR-48624: PageMaster WebApproval: replacing one page causes all already approved pages to reprocess
APR-48630: JobStore: Platemaker: JDFServer error: JMF Controller not reachable
APR-48665: PageMaster WebApproval: for MIS-created jobs, no returnQueueEntry JMF is sent back to MIS
APR-48685, APR-48751: Apogee Preflight: the 'apply color settings' action adds support for K+spot
APR-48691: Apogee Preflight: apply color settings should warn if there is no PDFRender in the flow.
APR-48693: Platemaker: auto-delete of jobs on the PlateMaker server results in a JDF-error
	on the Prepress server
APR-48710: Apogee Preflight: the report should mention the version number of the actions
APR-48712: PageMaster WebApproval: for manually created Web Accounts, the company name is not transferred to Portal
APR-48724: PDFRender: if mapped spot colors are used, it is possible that rule-ups are knocked out
		on both plate and proof. As a fix, rule-ups no longer pass the DCA inside PDFRender.
APR-48729: Canon: newest firmware has added support for resource subscription ReturnCode 111;
		we need to add support for this one too
APR-48740: Sherpa: Advanced CMM produces different output compared to Prepress 5.0
APR-48743: JobStore: Restart from Raster Impose does not remake the S4P flats
APR-48746: PDFRender: crash when generating CIP3 files with a very small thumbnail resolution.
APR-48747: Inksaving: not enough ink saving is achieved with GCR active.
APR-48749: JDFServer: GUI crashes for some JDF-created jobs (split for proof)
APR-48753: PDFRender: Trapping causes for a particular file the image to be clipped
APR-48770: PDFRender: bad result for rendering at 144 dpi 
APR-48771: Imposition: Apogee reports a fatal imposition error if one of the pages contains
	a PDF referring to an embedded font that is not existing.
APR-48775: PlateMaker: 5.0 upgraded jobs on the Prepress Server loose their connection
	to the Platemaker server and updates of the sending job are no longer transferred.
	Same for imported archives on the sending system.
APR-48785: JDF: namedFeatures@flowname no longer working
APR-48799: Apogee Preflight: when downloading newer preflight actions, the original is still used.
APR-48837: JobStore: Occasional memory corruption in jobstore when you click on the job in the GUI
APR-48847: JobStore: 'reprocess from first' is no longer possible after importing
	a 5.0 Open Connect archive and then editing this job ticket.
APR-48862: Apogee Preflight: apply color settings action does not keep the spot colors.
APR-48873: PageMaster WebApproval: Previewservice crashes when in a web approval job, the
	Press color space is set to gray.
APR-48942: Apogee Preflight: Embedded profiles not ignored when asked to do so.
APR-49359: Apogee Preflight: Conversion from RGB to grey not executed.
APR-49432: Enfocus Preflight: Certify functionality broken.
APR-49434: MPRESS/Spice: jobs with Variable data (Vibe) behave unstable.
APR-49452: Apogee Preflight: PDF X/3 verification different compared to Enfocus Preflight.
APR-49459: Apogee Preflight: GWG profile: bounding box issue causes page to become empty.
APR-49896: DFP: all jobs with Dot4Dot enabled fail in the DFP TP with an internal error.
APR-49911: JobStore: Importing an ApogeeX 2.5 archive fails if the archived
	job ticket starts from the run list TP
APR-64010: RasterImpose: flats contain garbage; all image info is gone
APO-7907: PageMaster WebApproval: if the same document is used at multiple position, and 
	one position is rejected, the other positions do not show as rejected in the 
	PageMaster GUI.
APO-8200: PageMaster WebApproval: request to have better handling of JMF-communication errors

The hotfix should be installed on all Apogee Prepress systems.
The hotfix provides fixes for JobStoreServer, JDFServer, PDFRender, TiffRender, Preflight,...

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the SUM application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the SUM application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your ApogeeX System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.