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Filename QMS_Client_1.41.19.zip
Type Foreign
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID N/A
Size 39307275 bytes
Date Published 13-OCT-2009

Apogee Prepress - QMS 6.0 -
Date of Issue: July 7th 2009
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2009

APR-46191: Support for CLPO (Closed Loop Profile Optimization) on the Epson X900 proofer devices with and without internal measurement device.
APR-42334, APR-42336: MPRESS: Failed to create new quality map, based on an existing one
APR-42706: MPRESS: Error handling to be improved when measuring fails
APR-43006: MPRESS: tolerances need to be set to 5delta-e instead of 1,5
APR-45601: Crash when clicking next in the CLPO wizzard without selecting a proofer profile
APR-46022: QMS print jobs do not honor the 'ganging' setting
APR-50898: The Dot4Dot CLC measurements of the Epson 7900 aren't deleted by QMS
APR-50889: Tint charts and closed loop for Epson 7900 aren't measured by the online device
APR-47457: Can the default number of patches for ctf generation be changed to 32
APR-47443: MPRESS: CLC should not be selectable for MPRESS
APR-47435: QMS crashes when tint charts should be printed for the Epson X900
APR-46970: Quality used by QMS for MPRESS does not include print mode
APR-42811: The device job ticket is reset to none when editing a quality in QMS
APR-42276: When starting from drop transitions (based on an existing QM), the printmode is empty

Note: the next 3 fixes need App6.0.0_HF_52154_EpsonX900_Dot4DotMeasurements on the server

APR-52154: The D4D closed loop mechanism is broken
APR-51242: Tint charts are only made for 100% and 20%) 
APR-47436: QMS does not support the Epson X900 measurement device for D4D CLC

1. This Win Client version does not have an installer therefore just drag and drop this folder on the hard drive of the computer on which you want to use the new client.

1. Delete this folder.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, check if the QMS version is 1.41.19