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Filename App6.0.0_HF_ALL_477632_Essential_Fixes_4.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID 477632
Size 190703076 bytes
Date Published 13-OCT-2009

Date of Issue: August 20th, 2009
Copyright Agfa Graphics NV 2009

APR-39009: DigitalFilmProof: need an option to proof the Press Sheet only (i.e. omit the 
	plate border on the proof). An option 'remove press and plate borders' was added
	in the job parameters for the DFP.
APR-43118: Platemaker: improved performance
APR-45353: Licensing: Need to show a 'critical' message when the license of the main server has expired.
APR-45604, APR-48769: Spice: issues with media synchronisation between Prepress server and engine
APR-47422: PageMaster: Portal wants to make distinction between preview server not installed
	and resource missing (in order to give different error messages)
APR-47573: JDFServer: JMF: status query using QueueID as filter no longer working
APR-47653: JDFServer: if one part contains multiple production sets, the imposition 
	in the job ticket is reset which should not happen.
APR-47723: PageMaster WebApproval: JDF-created Prepress jobs show the wrong company name in Portal
APR-47804, APR-48787: Licensing: when the grace period has expired, it's not possible anymore to license the system
APR-47846: JDFServer: Multipart jobs: after assigning the Preps template, the sheet indexes for the first part are not OK.
APR-48542: Open Connect: after importing a 5.0 archive, the output on plate is bit-flipped.
APR-48623: Licensing: 2nd generation of a fingerprint file cannot be used for generation of a license file
APR-48627: Licensing: occasionally the license file cannot be loaded (occurs more frequently after 5.0 upgrade)
APR-48691, APR-56500: Apogee Preflight: the 'apply color settings' action should warn if there is no PDFRender following
APR-48788: PageMaster WebApproval: if the binding style is modified after initial job
	submission, this change is not reported to Portal
APR-48861: PageMaster WebApproval: Preflight errors are not reported to Portal if
	the Preflight TP is put after the run list TP.
APR-48867: Apogee Preflight: flattening for export not as expected for some images
APR-48935: JobStore: hot ticket setup to create an inkdrive file after rendering; in the
	split-off job ticket, you cannot recreate the inkdrive file.
APR-48943: StorageServer: occasionally storageserver is running out of memory.
APR-48998: JDFServer: Named Features not working for Generic Press.
APR-48999: Platemaker: occasionally a flat is not transferred from Prepress to Platemaker
APR-49027: PageMaster WebApproval: specific MIS JDF: Prepress ticket is created, but
	the information is not transferred to Portal.
APR-49030: Platemaker: if a flat is cancelled in the engine, you cannot retarget anymore
	towards another engine.
APR-49360: JDFServer: Multipart JDF: information about layouts not OK in case you have no stripping license
	(note: only partial fix, as for some cases you DO need a stripping license)
APR-49363: JDFServer: ticket template mode: separation settings are not set for 
	multipart JDF jobs.
APR-49364: Canon: JMFLink: need different JDF syntax for run list for multipart jobs
APR-49434: JDFServer: ticket template mode: export TP parameter set is reset to initial
APR-49439: Canon: issue with media synchronisation if the regional settings are different from US.
APR-49442: JDFServer: wrong ticket template selected if MIS specifies different proofing
	types for multipart jobs (e.g. page proofing for cover and imposition proofing
	for body).
APR-49457: PageMaster WebApproval: occasional crashes of the WebInput TP
APR-49803: PDFRender: When 'apply linearization on CIP3 files' is disabled, the job does not render.
APR-49899: Platemaker: Versioning jobs: occasionally flats are not transferred from Prepress Server
	to Platemaker Server.
APR-49907: TiffRender: $SEPARATION variable not resolved
APR-50225: JDFServer: PrepressExpansion is not done if the JDF is send over HTTP
APR-50228: DFP: deselecting the output of a spot color in the DFP flow also deselects this color in the main flow
APR-50229: PageMaster WebApproval: for jobs with more than 64 pages, not all approvals are
APR-50556: MPRESS Color Separations: every job ticket with both MPRESS and MPRESS CS result in a JDF error.
APR-50870: Jobstore: multipart jobs cannot be deleted anymore after uninstall of a TP.
APR-50875, APR-56499: Apogee Preflight: PDF/X-1A verification not as expected
APR-50878: PageMaster: no notifications from PageMaster in case of a JDF-submitted web approval job
APR-50882: JDFServer: specific file with stripping: info from update JDF not picked up
APR-50890: PageMaster: spaces are not escaped in the URL's
APR-50894: Apogee Preflight: the 'Convert-to-CMYK' action gives unexpected error messages
APR-50895: TiffRender: warning that file has to be resampled is no longer given.
APR-50896: Apogee Preflight: the configuration file points to a 'Gray' profile that is not existing
APR-51240: RasterImpose: if you specify wrong reading, the pages are put wrong reading instead of the entire flat.
APR-51244: JDFServer: job gets locked forever if DeviceID of Generic Press is updated
APR-52154: Epson X900: Dot4Dot is not working anymore after a fix for other proofers.
APR-52162: Export: exporting an imposed flat: in some cases no PDF is generated.
APR-52165: ServiceTool: cleanup dangling job resources fails in case of many jobs online.
APR-52166: ApoDiag: fine tuning of jobstore statistical data (e.g. discarded results)
APR-52167: JDFServer: ticket template mode: named features not applied
APR-52168: JDFServer: JDF with main flow only; wrong ticket template selected (default used instead
	of the one for main flow)
APR-53178: JDFServer: JMF messages not OK in case of JDF ticket templates
APR-53183: SPICE: Variable data: rounding issue for the position of the variable data
APR-53187: Export: mapped spot colors do not get the expected CMYK values
APR-53781: Normalizer: font too large in thumbnail
APR-53842: JDFServer: job towards Platemaker: replacing pages causes in some scenario's an automatic reject of other pages
APR-55296: Apogee Preflight: under heavy load, sometimes the profiles are not found
APR-55298: Apogee Preflight: cosmetic issue in title of the exported file
APR-57184: PageMaster WebApproval: duplicated job on Prepress does not receive uploaded files from Portal
APR-59343: JDFServer: job towards Platemaker not created if MIS-JDF does not contain imposition information
APR-59344: JDFServer: upgraded system with more than 1000 JDF jobs: too much memory is used at startup time
APR-59346: Platemaker: upgrade Prepress and Platemaker server: sending and receiving jobs are not connected anymore
APR-60946: PageMaster WebApproval: upgraded web approval jobs error after editing and submitting the prepress job
APR-63994: JDFServer: single part JDF-jobs from Technique are not processed correctly
APR-64012: JobStore: importing specific 2.5 archives might fail
APR-64019: JDFServer: JDF PrintDrive DQS hot ticket with plan: the parameter sets for the pages flow are not copied
		in the derived job ticket

The hotfix should be installed on all Apogee Prepress systems.
The hotfix provides fixes for JobStoreServer, JDFServer, PDFRender, TiffRender, Preflight,...

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the SUM application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the SUM application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your ApogeeX System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.