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Filename App6.0.0_HF_ALL_47955_Essential_Fixes_5.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID 47955
Size 326441024 bytes
Date Published 04-JAN-2010

Date of Issue: October 22nd, 2009
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2009

APR-35913: Variables: you can now use $SIMCURVE, $LINCURVE, $CALCURVE in a border
APR-46095: Platemaker: for single-sided signatures, 2 CIP3 inkdrive files are created
APR-46594: Epson x900: TP cannot be used as a 'remote proofer'
APR-47195: PDFRender: Inksaving: new options added to control the ink limits. You can control the Max-K
            and Total Ink Limit values.
APR-47282: Imposition: text mark not positioned correctly
APR-47302: DFP: speed improvement for DQS jobs if DFP and Proofer are not installed on the same PC
APR-47334: Export TP: export imposed PDF; text mark is clipped 
APR-47492: GDI TP: added support for double sided proofing
APR-47639: DFP: crash when reprocessing a versioning job after changing the plate setup
APR-47695: PDFRender: never-ending loop when you reprocess a flow with RasterImpose where you output only spots
APR-47699: PDFRender: Preps Text Mark not visible if you output only spot colors.
APR-47726: DigitalFilmProof: crash when using 'optimize orientation' for the proof.
APR-47730: Open Connect: workstyle not correctly honored resulting in bad double sided proofs on GrandSherpaMatic
APR-47727: JDFServer: added additional tracing to detect deadlocks
APR-47738: PDFRender: Overprint handling for 'process spot colors' is not as expected. Process spot colors are
    process colors that use the PDF-construct for spot colors (which is basically not according to the phylosophy
    of the PDF specification). If an object in this color is tagged with an ICC profile, the overprint handling is
    not defined by the PDF specification and might not give the desired results. 
    As a work around, we have added a configuration setting in the PDFRender to 
    "Apply CMS on process colors specified as spot". Enabled will give you the current behaviour (default).
    Disabled will give you a newer behaviour. We are still working on a preflight action to detect this situation.
APR-47739: Export TP: Barcodes are treated differently in Prepress 5.0 compared to Prepress 6.0 as
            a result of the implementation of scaling of borders.
APR-47741: PDFRender: color bar is not centered for specific Preps templates in case of an Apogee DQS flow.
APR-47749: Open Connect: the 'tag input' setting is ignored and TIFF files are always imported as 'negative'
APR-47766: JDFServer: sheet indexes (production sets) are wrong if no stripping license available
APR-47768: Normalizer / PDFRender: manually copied font files are removed after restart of the TP.
        Need a special procedure to keep them (see Technote).
APR-47774: JDFServer: Request to reduce memory requirements when importing a lot of JDF's.
APR-47775: PlateSetter TIFF: spot color plate not output if the name of the spot color is long
APR-47800: ApogeePreflight: PDFX1A-2003-v5: file gives error in Enfocus and not in Apogee
APR-47802: JDFServer: slow startup if there are many jobs on the system
APR-47827, APR-64015: PDFRender, Apogee Preflight: spot colors on proof are printed too dark
APR-47874: PDFRender: Text Mark Colors are knocked out when mapping a Process color to a Spot Color
APR-47876: JDFServer: MIS-locking: resource update sent, but no notification
APR-47904: AvalonN4: TP crashes upon startup because media is missing.
APR-47920: JobStore: archive was wrong if the archiveroot folder is not an UNC-path
APR-47933: Export TP: downsampling of images is only done on the first page in the exported document.
APR-47937: JobStore: after a restart of the server, not yet printed plates cannot be printed anymore.
        Happens if there are many jobs on the system.
APR-47942: JDFServer: Proseco Versioning jobs fail after installation of previous JDFServer hotfix
APR-47956: PDFRender: Press Retargetting gives bad results for multitone images in combination with SPICE profile
APR-47961: JobStore: crash when rejecting a 'blank page'.
APR-47989: PageMaster: hot ticket with web approval: pages never arrive in Portal
        [note: needs hotfix on Portal side too]
APR-47992: JDFServer: JDF with ProofAndPlatemaking graybox fails 
APR-48004: Conditional TP: newest preflight engine has additional statuses compared to 5.0.
        These were not yet honored, resulting in a different result compared to Prepress 5.0
APR-48071: PageMaster WebApproval: on heavily loaded systems, some bytes of uploaded documents get lost, resulting in corrupted PDF's.
APR-48079: JobStore: nightly house keeping tasks are not running anymore.
APR-48088: PDFRender: rendering fails in a job with rational tangent or Adobe accurate screens
        if you map a process color to a spot color.
APR-48093: JDFServer: PlateMaker: occasional deadlock when sending revisions
APR-48109: PDFRender: Specific Press Profiles cause errors when applying InkSave
APR-48113: JDFServer: JDF with Runlist rotation set to zero degrees fails
APR-48121: PageMaster: Specific JDF with stripping: binding style not picked up correctly
APR-48125: Normalizer: 'offending command cshow' for PostScript that passed fine through Prepress 5.0
APR-48134: Export TP: Imposition is placed after the Export TP, but the exported JDF does not contain layout information
APR-48174: PDFRender: after installation of the hotfix for mapping a process color to a spot color,
            the rule-ups appear on the plate.
APR-48184: JobStore: Duplicate a job without different processing and then enable different processing.
        This results in a jobstore crash.
APR-48187: JDFServer: Request to speed up startup time when there are many JDF jobs on the system
APR-48205: JobStore: hot ticket with raster imposition; editing the split-off job ticket causes a fatal
        imposition error.
APR-48216: PDFRender: InkSave: inksave not working at all if the input has a perceptual rendering intent.
APR-48221: JobStore: import 5.0 archive with discards; in 6.0, the separations are not discarded anymore.
APR-48223: UpdateManager: PDB files are not correctly installed (not always the most recent one).
APR-48233: Portal Production: NamedFeatures not set for Export TP (Inspect Tasks)
APR-48551: JobStore: PrintDrive DQS job reprocesses all flats when changing only part of the templates
APR-48558: HotFolder: Dropping the same file twice in a HotFolder with grouping "add to existing job" will not add the file
APR-48700: ConfigManager: failed to download profile for GrandSherpaMatic
APR-48779: Imposition: Smart mark colorbar on back side of Preps Perfector template is incorrectly placed by Apogee
APR-48983: PDFRender: top of page occasionally clipped in Apogee DQS (depending on media size)
APR-49441: Translations: updated translations to status August 17th; mainly updates for the digital printer strings
APR-50871: PDFRender: objects in RGBGray color are not rendered correctly to CMYK
APR-52155: PDFRender: imported 5.0 archive gives a wrong error message about different profiles
APR-53180: PDFRender: Copydot in DeviceGray color space gives unwanted patterns
APR-53188: Versioning: new revision causes the black to be shifted on the proof (with specific border)
APR-56505: InkSaving: when 'override profiles' is disabled, you still need to be able to set the MaxK setting.
APR-57174: ApogeePreflight: Apply Color Settings in Apogee Preflight does not untag CMYK images
APR-63972: HPIndigo: Vector PDF integration: gradients are not processed correctly
APR-63990: JobStore: duplicated webapproval job gives normalizer errors
APR-64007: RasterNormalizer: thumbnails broken for 8-bit Open Connect input

The hotfix should be installed on all Apogee Prepress systems.
The hotfix provides fixes for JobStoreServer, JDFServer, PDFRender, TiffRender, Preflight,...

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the SUM application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the SUM application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your ApogeeX System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.