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Filename App6.0.0_HF_ALL_507352_Essential_Fixes_7.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID 507352
Size 209929849 bytes
Date Published 01-JUL-2010

Date of Issue: April 29th, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

APR-47752: MPRESS / Spice: support Gray inkset for Dotrix and MPRESS
APR-47847: TiffRender: error 'can't convert input' if you render a border
APR-47849: TiffRender: border is inverted if input is 8-bit TIFF
APR-47923: PSProofer: option 'create single file per side' does not work properly
APR-47934: Normalizer: failure to create thumbnail if PDF contains a complex path
APR-48001: TaskServer: Avalon N4 TP keeps rebooting when waiting on loading new plates
APR-48011: PDFRender: InkSave not applied when combine with simple RGB conversion
APR-48036: Export TP: Hot Ticket grouping option not honored in flow to export TP
APR-48122: PDFRender: $WORKSTYLE not honored in device mark
APR-48180, APR-48201: Open Connect: job never finishes if auto-close is enabled
APR-48181: DigitalFilmProof: compensation for calibration curve not executed
APR-48292: CIP3: Cannot export Inkdrive files on PlateMaker server after rerendering
APR-48306: JDFServer: Need to pick up some info from the 'stripping section' in the JDF, even
		if you don't have a stripping license.
APR-48308: JDFServer: Product parts without JDF Prepress node, should not appear in our Product tab
APR-48349: Apogee Preflight: crash for specific PDF file
APR-48407: PDFRender reboots too frequently
APR-48513: JDFServer: JDF_ variables not replaced in CIP3 file
APR-48648: AvalonN: retarget plate from engine1 to engine2 and back to engine1 uses wrong plate size.
APR-48834: Split4Proof: Variable $PRODSET is not replaced in the S4P flow. Note that the
	production sets are defined for the signatures of the main flow. In the S4P flow,
	you have different signatures, but we calculate back to get the production sets of the main flow. 
APR-48966: Dotrix: After upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0, Spice jobs cannot be 'reprocessed from first'.
APR-49115: QMS: Enable licensing to render custom resources such as ink tables
APR-49126: DigitalFilmProof: occasionally goes out of memory
APR-49159: Open Connect: Truetype 2-byte fonts are not printed correctly in a border.
APR-49170: DQS: black plate is made, even when it is disabled in the output settings
APR-49228: JobStore: CIP3 before output in combination with Profile Lookup and Calibration lookup
		causes a hangup of the PDFRender TP.
APR-49241: DFP: QuickProofs are occasionally scrambled if you drop on a single flow with a DFP TP.
APR-49328: RasterImpose: Preview takes too much memory for DQS jobs
APR-49348: Normalizer: font embed as outlines gives corrupt PDF if the PDF contains a 
		string containing only one single space character (not so common to occur).
APR-49349: Platemaker: prepare for future extensions (not a bug)
APR-49374: AvalonLF: if configured as a remote device (Platemaker), the punches should not be updated after a TP reboot.
APR-49487: RasterImpose: wrong output to PDFProofer. Device orientation was not taken into account
APR-49498: DFP: DFP gives an 'internal error' when auto-select from map is selected for the color profile
APR-49560: MPRESS: a Vibe job for MPress results in more print tasks than expected
	This fix requires Pressproxy version
APR-49593: Versioning: the individual Page Adjustments are not applied to the versions.
APR-49596: JobStore: Import a 5.0 archive with archive points on run list; rejecting a page crashes jobstore.
APR-49642: CIP3: if different collate options are sets for multiple parts, this was not honored.
APR-49673: PageMaster: Occasionally a separation is missing in Streamproof
APR-49674: JDFServer: MIS: ProofAndPlateMaking GrayBox: plan creation: proofer is also used in the main flow.
APR-49701: Dotrix: exceptions for retargetting are not caught, resulting in Black printed as CMYK
APR-49748: SplitForProof: Preps variables not replaced in the S4P flow.
APR-49762: GDIProofer: Spot Colors (and rule-ups) have the wrong color on an RGB proofer,
		on the GDIProofers and in the color managed preview.
APR-49776: JDFServer: Occasional crash of JDFServer
APR-49826, APR-49850: QMS-X / PDFRender: Printing Tint measurements targets gives a corrupt ID Strip
APR-49851: JobStore: If imposition is undefined in a multipart job, processing of the
	pages flows should not start until you know the production sets.
APR-49877: Occasional out of Memory due to TomCat error handling
APR-49930: PageMaster: versioning jobs with rule-ups specified for the display TP flow, do not show up in Pagemaster
APR-49939: RasterImpose: DQS pages are shifted on the plate due to rounding errors
APR-49942: JDFServer: no support yet for 'user groups'
APR-50042: DFP: QuickProof: Error when autoselect from map is active for the color profile
APR-50047: DFP: quality improvement for proofs at low screen lineatures
APR-50109: PlateMaker: if the sending job contains multiple input TP's, two jobs are created 
		on the Platemaker server.
APR-50119: PageMaster: Primary Contact is out of sync if you compare the Prepress GUI and the Portal GUI
APR-50133,APR-49924,APR-49941,APR-48527: Tiff PlateSetter: LineAccessFileReadImageLine failed error message
APR-50149: Licensing: Apogee slows down when system is running in grace period
APR-50285: JobStore: Page Updates in versioning jobs are not properly handled in the DFP flow
		if this flow contains a discard action.
APR-50321: Impose: Colorbar not positioned correctly for work-and-turn / work-and-tumble workstyles
APR-50648: JobStore: backgrounds in a DQS flow were removed after editing the job
APR-50900: ImpositionService: occasional heap corruption causing imposition service to crash
APR-51119, APR-51127: First iteration of ess-7 hotfix causes corrupted heap messages in all modules using CMS
APR-63968: PDFRender: specific file does not honor overprint
APR-63999: Apogee Preflight: corrupt font was not detected
APO-8460: PageMaster: jobs with PTJF Imposition do not have sufficient information to set the binding style.
		Always assuming perfect bound.
No number: LocalZoef is installed in Supportfiles folder (R&D tool for on-site investigations)

The hotfix should be installed on all Apogee Prepress systems.
The hotfix provides fixes for JobStoreServer, JDFServer, PDFRender, TiffRender, Preflight,...

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the SUM application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Delano Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling ApogeeX hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the SUM application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your ApogeeX System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.