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Filename App6.0.0_HF_51375_DQS_MissingPages.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID 51375
Size 7975692 bytes
Date Published 01-JUL-2010

Date of Issue: May 21st, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

APR-50849: DFP: occasionally DFP goes in an eternal loop (happens when rounding sizes
		when doing page adjustments)
APR-51375: Output TP: in DQS mode, occasionally a page is missing (caused by wrong rounding)
		(this was introduced by the first for for APR-50849)

The hotfix should only be installed on Apogee Prepress systems which exhibit the described problem.
The hotfix provides fixes for the DFP TP and for PreviewService.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your Apogee Prepress System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.