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Filename Prepress_Client_Win_1.41.31.zip
Type Foreign
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID N/A
Size 89310696 bytes
Date Published 01-JUL-2010

Prepress Client Mac 1.41.31
Date of Issue: June 1st, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

APR-51076: The emulate overprint settings for JDF jobs will be automatically 
	calculated by the Prepress client if they are not filled in by the 
	task processors. Before if the settings were not present they were 
	always set to false.


1. This Win Client version does not have an installer therefore just drag and drop this folder on the hard drive of the computer on which you want to use the new client.

1. Delete this folder.