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Filename QMS_Client_1.41.26.zip
Type Foreign
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 6.0 (FC1)
Software ID N/A
Size 39382249 bytes
Date Published 01-JUL-2010

Apogee Prepress - QMS 6.0 -
Date of Issue: June 1st, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

APR-55297: The Quality mode is set to "Not Supported" after doing a calibration on the HP Z3200
APR-53788: CLPO in QMS will give all white patches starting from the second iteration
APR-50889: Tint charts and closed loop for Epson 7900 aren't measured by the online device.
APR-47436: QMS does not support the Epson X900 measurement device for D4D CLC.
APR-47950: Edit a quality map via QMS-X deletes the associated CTF 
APR-42328: I made a QM for binary(1bit) tile with no inklimitations. Later I want to give inklimitations and I edit the existing QM(start from droptramsitons), but after changing the inklimitations I can’t calibrate anymore due to the fact that the CTF cannot be found
APR-37844: WinXP-Sp2 - 1.38.12 - The Proofer Check, Proofing Reference Definition and Check must be measured twice with EyeOne iSis: 
APR-57802: QMS suddenly closes during the measurements with the DTP70 in the CLPO Measure wizard 
APR-57797: Selecting a CLPO file from the EpsonX900 Measurements list will crash QMS when job info is not available
APR-53785: CLPO in QMS with DTP45 is incorrect and not possible
APR-53778: Qms crashes when measuring CLPO with EyeOne Pro
APR-51243: Selecting the Grayscale15 target will crash QMS
APR-49900: ED CLC target for DTP70 is printed to small.
APR-49118: Failed validation reports of Epson 7900 block all calibration possibilities in QMS when using custom media. 
APR-49029: when positioning I1 IO first before selecting start locating target, qms has to be restarted before the user can continue
APR-47879: ED CLC measurements from the EX900 based on the ECITarget_Visual target make QMS unstable. 
APR-47010: Using the ECI targets in CLPO will not update the CLPO profile 
APR-45609: QMS - Remove or activate buttons in the Closed Loop Profile Optimization wizard window: 
APR-57795: The illuminant "Osram Daylight" is not available anymore in the list of illuminants?
APR-49854: CLPO target is always smaller with each iteration - EyeOne measurement device
APR-49849: Error-message shown in CLPO when not applicable 
APR-50053: CLPO on the Epson7900 (CMYKOG) will give incorrect iteration targets
APR-50052: Selecting Tint Measurements in D4D wizard will crash the application  
APR-50278: Show some extra strings to clarify the dropsplit curves wizard windows 


1. This Win Client version does not have an installer therefore just drag and drop this folder on the hard drive of the computer on which you want to use the new client.

1. Delete this folder.


The following limitations were also limitations in previous QMS versions but were never documented.

APR-51568: The QMS tint profile for the x900 fails to process in Apogee Prepress.
		Work around: use an 8P-xxx quality map instead of a 10P-xxx quality map
APR-51572: QMS tint profile targets for the x900 are not tinted