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Filename App7.0.0_HF_ALL_532452_Essential_Fixes_1.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 7.0 (FC1)
Software ID 53245
Size 261216189 bytes
Date Published 18-JAN-2011

Date of Issue: November 30th, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

Fixes on top of 1.45.2 up to November 30th.

APR-43361: Digital Press: Hotfolder has a new PPML parser which splits the PPML data in several file parts 
	and which puts the PostScript fragments into one file for Normalizer.
	RasterExport has some configuration options which makes it possible to create a very minimal JDF.
APR-49050: Other: RasterData still in the DataStore after the job is finished.
APR-50077: Framework: The Export flow with "Apply Color Settings" option (5.0.0 or 6.0.0) is not correctly upgraded to 7.0.0
		NOTE: full fix only in combination with new GUI (need 1.45.15 or higher)
APR-50863: PDFRender: Blackpoint compensation fails on RGB images
APR-51264: PDFRender: Inconsistent result with Press Repurposing for red/green/blue 
APR-51265: Raster Impose: output DQS job to tiffplatesetter wrong reading with drum device mode gives incorrect output
APR-51806: Apogee Preflight: Russian Preflight report: not all characters in Russian
APR-51821: Hotfolder: PPML-VDX from GMC PrintNet is not passing the Hotfolder
APR-51856: Framework: Speed improvement at start up of the Task Processor when mirroring CID font resources.
APR-52089: Framework: Flattened export flows: Make sure only 1 Apogee Preflight TP is added.
		NOTE: full fix only in combination with new GUI (need 1.45.15 or higher)
APR-52097: Digital Film Proof: HP5500 imposition ROOM proofs are shifted while the press sheet isn't
APR-52403: Raster Impose: Raster impose: Separations are missing
APR-52524: Apogee Preflight: SISR: Please report if an image is used on different locations.
APR-52535: Digital Film Proof: SherpaDot with borders aren't printed completely.
APR-52553: PDFRender: Inksave underfilling problem.
APR-52604: Digital Press: unwanted white line in image when using a qualitymap generated by QMS-X
APR-52605: Client Win: "enable job's hotfolder" setting in hotfolder parameterset doesn't work
APR-52640: Other: Importing a 6.0 jobarchive for HPIndigo uses CanonLink rasterlink instead of HPIndigoLink
APR-52681: WebApproval: Upload the same file in Portal and in prepress for a WA product does not 
	increment the document revision number
APR-52716: Digital Press: Editing an already printed(finished) job triggers no update from the existing printtask
APR-52751: PDFRender: Processing A5 document for an M-Press fails due to memory overallocation
APR-52759: JDF / JMF: WebApproval result does not appear in Portal
APR-52767: PDFRender: crash on big PPML file
APR-52788: JDF / JMF: WebApproval results are not sent to Portal
APR-52789: Apogee Preflight: all SISR actions give errors due to a memory problem
APR-52797: JDF / JMF: WebApproval notifications are removed from the job.
APR-52812: Digital Film Proof: Imposition proof towards HP1050 is clipped off at the bottom for DQS job 
APR-52820: WebApproval: When reprocessing a document in Prepress, intermediate resource results are sent to Portal.
APR-52826: PDFRender: Proofing to grayscale crashes
APR-52827: Display: softproof of grayscale press is inverted
APR-52830: JDF / JMF: Color definition is 'Unknown' after editing the number of pages in Portal
APR-52837: WebApproval: Updates of the Approval part contain file specifications with identical URL 
	but different FileVersion
APR-52842: JDF / JMF: JobStore Deadlock on PlateMaker server if PlateMaker link TP sends data 
	at the same moment plates are output for the same job.
APR-52848: OpenConnect: Order number and job name of imported PrintDrive back ups is wrong 
APR-52860: WebApproval: Webapproval: upload part is not cleared anymore when an assignment is cleared in Prepress. 
APR-52863: StorageServer: after an external (network/disk) error, no further storing of references.
		After the next reboot, resources on disk are cleaned and files in jobs will be missing.
APR-52896: PDFRender: crash for DQS proofing flow with dedicated render.
APR-52943: Apogee Preflight: apply color settings cannot map colors anymore
APR-52946: Digital Press: ppml file with only variable images fails in APR Normalizer
APR-52969: JDF / JMF: NamedFeatures for GenericPress not applied in 7.0
APR-52990: WebApproval: performance issue for files assigned in Portal
APR-52994: PDFRender: After upgrading to 6.0 All jobs have a warning from the PDF Render which has to be 
	acknowledged before it will continue
APR-53004: PDFRender: import 4.0 archive with split for proof flow, reprocess from first, render goes in error
APR-53009: WebApproval: Clear Rejected Status is not propagated from PrePress to Portal
APR-53036: JDF / JMF: for dynamic created JDF jobs, collect for output settings have both buttons enabled
APR-53043: WebApproval: When a JDF job submission returned with an error message from Portal,
	JDFServer has to be restarted to recover.
APR-53157: PreviewLocator: if for some reason a thumbnail cannot be found, the DefaultLauncher exits.
APR-64021: ThirdPartyProoferDevices: Ganging rotation goes wrong with open connect jobs.
No number: PDFRender: configuration setting to delete debug information when successfully rendered
No number: JobStoreServer: speed improvement for cloning ApogeeDQS Jobs

APR-51122, APR-52469: Apogee Preflight: SISR: The output in the PDF file is not used
APR-51707: PDFRender / Imposition: new functionality: support for vertical fonts (e.g. Japanese)
		NOTE: full fix only in combination with new GUI (need 1.45.17 or higher)
APR-51909, APR-52449: Apogee Preflight: SISR: the most recurrent profile does not match the images.
APR-52286: Normalizer: specific file: thumbnail generation slow
APR-52404: Apogee Preflight: performance improvement for calculating the clip paths
APR-52704: Imposition: measurements are not added to the layer in the imposition mockup
APR-52954: Apogee Preflight: small issue if you tag and there is no press in the flow
APR-53049: Imposition: some marks not positioned correctly if you use 'extend knockout'
APR-53169: Apogee Preflight: access violation when adding output intents
APR-53238: Normalizer: specific preseparated postscript with transfer functions: text disappears

APR-52476: DigitalPrinters: colors not honored in case of multiple production sets
APR-52624: JDFServer: new feature: transfer rule-up boxes to Portal WebApproval
APR-52664: StorageServer: when reprocessing a job, the intermediate files from the first processing stayed on disk
APR-52747: Digital Press: CMYK seperation of Spotcolor in Joblog is not the same as on the press
APR-52814: Digital Press: APR removes content from a variable ppml image
APR-53019: JDFServer: JMF2JDF tool should not create empty $ORDER\$JOB folders
APR-53060: JDFServer: Versioning JDF with multiple layer results in job with too many pages
APR-53131: Client Mac|Client Win: Job remark created in Portal is not shown in prepress client
APR-53160: Digital Printing: JMF Postprocessing script not called for status subscriptions
APR-53192: JDF / JMF: WebApproval jobs are re-created after JDFServer rebooted.
APR-53201: ApogeeServer: frequently login from the client fails for no apparent reason
APR-53226: JDF / JMF: Page hard copy proofing flow uses platesetter instead of proofer (is OK in 6.0)
APR-53262: SISR: exceptions not oK in combination with Inksave
APR-53288: PageMaster: thumbnails do not always appear in Portal
APR-53295: PDFRender: PPML layout wrong for 270 degree rotations
APR-53300: JDFServer: JDF referring to EPS files not working (note: will never work for EPS marks)
APR-53335: Platemaker: CIP3 after rendering => Inkdrive files should only be stored on the sending system
APR-53343: Platemaker: Flats never arrive in Platemaker if the sending job has multiple production sets
APR-53349: Platemaker: Media in sender system is no longer updated
APR-53351: Platemaker: impossible to output jobs on Platemaker server automatically
APR-53357: ApogeeImpose: client crash when exporting a mockup with Japanese marks
APR-53361: ApogeeImppse: corrupted font causes all fonts to fail
APR-53367: PDFRender: Inksave broken for RGB images
APR-53368: JDFServer: input channel removed when dropping JDF in hot ticket
APR-53377: JobStoreServer: failed to import archive with ApogeImpose and SplitForProof
APR-53382: JDFServer: Prepress Graybox named features no longer working
APR-53438: PageMaster: clearing assignment in Prepress for web approval jobs does not work
APR-53439: Platemaker link: multipage pdf results in only 1 page on Platemaker
No number: JobStoreServer: added extra config flag so that jobstore waits until all jobs are recovered 
	before changing its state to unline & running.

The hotfix should only be installed on Apogee Prepress systems which exhibit the described problem.
The hotfix provides fixes for everything.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your Apogee Prepress System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.