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Filename PrepressClient_Mac_1.45.15.zip
Type Foreign
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 7.0 (FC1)
Software ID N/A
Size 116150741 bytes
Date Published 18-JAN-2011

Apogee Prepress - Client -
Date of Issue: November 11th, 2010
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2010

New Prepress Client WIN 1.45.15
New Prepress Client MAC 1.45.15
Platemaker Client 1.45.3 (same as on 7.0 DVD)
QMS Client 1.45.3 (same as on 7.0 DVD)

Fixes Prepress Client (since PC 1.45.14 and Mac 1.45.13)

Common fixes PC/MAC:
APR-47536: Improved Reimage possibilities in combination with PlateMaker

Specific PC:
APR-52304: Snag list does not get updated correctly in specific scenarios
APR-52616: Win client gives runtime error when draging any foldsheet underneath a 1 page foldsheet in the assembly top pane (Extra validation!!!)
APR-52744: Imposition resource window is blocked after the user reimports a deleted resource
APR-52806: UI blocks on imported (MIS JDF) Paperstock with "g/m" in name
APR-52874: Can not click the Close job (or Submit Job) button in the Apogee impose Product View because the tool tip is blocking 
APR-53034: Crash when rapidly deleting in the press sheet
No number: Pages sort in the folding scheme view is descending, not ascending 
No number: Improved selection and measurements in sheet view

Specific MAC:
APR-50685 Rejection remarks on Macintosh are not indicated as internal Remarks
APR-51475 Press profiles editor not working on Mac
APR-51736 Support tab key in Page Sizes and Press Sheet Sizes editors
APR-52214 It is not possible to remove a spot color from the color books with the Mac client
APR-52554 Product Tab problems on Mac client
APR-52568 Mac Reporter Plug In does not show the error page, but page 4 which has no error
APR-52600 Mac client loses tail of Description for Customer in Ticket Template dialogs
APR-52654 Mac Remarks Inspector lost half of header area after resize
APR-52963 Margins popup menu never loads in Part Editor on Mac
APR-52981 Pop-up menus can be shown in invalid state in Mac client


See 7.0 installation manual.

1. Uninstall through add/remove programs