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Filename UM7.0.14.zip
Type Foreign
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 7.0 (FC1)
Software ID N/A
Size 24146155 bytes
Date Published 19-JAN-2011

UpdateManager 7.0.14
Released to EQAP: December 13th, 2010

APR-53243: Several problems when installing hotfixes on a satellite
APR-53315: reapply updates in UM gives error
APR-53243: Updatemanager does not correctly handle scenario when Task Processors are added on Satellite
APR-53323: UpdateManager v7.0.12 endlessly keeps analyzing new available hotfix updates.

1. unzip the UM7.0.14.zip file using Winzip.
2. Refer to the "TN Update Manager.pdf, Chapter 3. Installing/Upgrading the Update Manager"

1. Refer to the "TN Update Manager.pdf, Chapter 4. Uninstalling the Update Manager"


* any 6.0.x or 7.0.x version can be upgraded to this version
* UM 7.0.14 is only compatible with Prepress 7.0