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Filename App7.0.0_HF_ALL_53873_Essential_Fixes_2.zip
Type Hotfix
Revision Apogee Prepress - Apogee Prepress 7.0 (FC1)
Software ID 53873
Size 155166171 bytes
Date Published 20-MAY-2011

Date of Issue: March 3rd, 2011
Copyright Agfa Graphics N.V. 2011

Fixes on top of 1.45.2 up to March 3rd.

APR-48257: Press: CIP3 after rendering: multipart job with CIP3 only enabled for 1 part: 
		no CIP3 file generated.
APR-49485: Digital Film Proof: after applying customer fix, DFP results are incorrect and cannot be viewed anymore
APR-49520: Framework: A critical error is given "DataBase backup failed" after restart of Apogee Prepress Server 
	when Satellite was added with LocalStorageServer
APR-51846: RasterImpose: flat without all process colors on the content does not process
APR-51976: Export: Exported PDF of 1bit tiff (CMYK) fail to open in Acrobat
APR-52063: Proofer Devices: Printing of a job on the Epson7900 (Satellite system) with internal measurement device enabled 
	generates an error in PDF Render
APR-52087: PDFRender: thumbnails for pages with spot colors are shown in BLACK.
APR-52094: JDFServer: EFI informational notifications must not be added to the job (too many notifiations sent)
APR-52363: Preflight: Upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0 Beta4: In Enfocus Preflight you get double PDFX profile entries.
APR-52364: Preflight: Upgrade 6.0 to 7.0 Beta4: The GWG_CMYKVeryHiResv4 is installed twice.
APR-52449: Apogee Preflight: SISR: Using ICC2 profiles as SISR profiles will determine incorrect most recurrent profile
APR-52469: Apogee Preflight: SISR: The Output Intent of the PDF file is not used when Document profile Tagged is set to 
	"Use Tagged Profile" in PDFRender 
APR-52578: Agfa CTP Devices: Combination Apogee Prepress 6.0, xitron Card and Avalon LF media is not loaded
APR-52770: Apogee Preflight: ApogeePreflight: Could not read 2byte jobname in pdf report.
APR-52832: PDFRender: windows eventlog gets full with PDFRender EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATIONS at axparamitf:getusedcolors
APR-52839: Digital Press: M-Press job with outputsize <manual from media> results in wrong image width to be filled 
	in the PEC file header
APR-52859: Client Mac|Client Win: Trap Image Boundaries switch to default at submit time of the Job Ticket
APR-52869: Other: We incorrectly report that there are empty separations
APR-52890: Apogee Preflight: Apogee Preflight profile for French market (additional fix)
APR-52891: PDFRender: some spot colors are output in black on the proofer
APR-52894: Export: Docpagelabel does not work, if followed by a PDFRender if borders are selected.
APR-52895: Apogee Preflight: We do not create good PDFX1A-2003-v5 of this file with Apogee Preflight.
APR-52921: Apogee Preflight: SISR: The Apogee Preflight warning is inconstent and really confusing. 
APR-52923: Press: CIP3: the option 'include the data for all versions of a plate' does not work
APR-52930: Apogee Preflight: PDFX export files for already compliant files.
APR-52970: Framework: Upgrading special Apogee Preflight Actions has several limitations
APR-52974: Impose: "press_sheet_side.press" is not selectable as a Fold Sheet text mark variable
APR-52980: Impose: Apogee Impose : the paper stock variables are only filled in in a Press Sheet Text Mark
APR-53031: JDF / JMF: Pages never become ready for webapproval in PageMaster when gray is selected for InkSet
APR-53035, APR-53233: JDFServer: No proper assignment of pages for MegaLith JDF's
APR-53038: PPML: cannot handle files with more than 100.000 records
APR-53064: Framework: Can job archives from PPML jobs be imported ?
APR-53073: JDFServer: JMFLink: when the remote system is too busy, JMFLink jobs are created
	multiple times.
APR-53082: JDF / JMF: JMF2JDF Tool exported JDFs do not work when you import them in Apogee Prepress.
APR-53088: PPML: Need to raise an error if the color profiles do not match the color space.
APR-53101: Digital Printing: archiving MPRESS job fails if Print Server is down
APR-53109: Digital Press: 6c output creates empty tdf images
APR-53114: Digital Press: PPML - is "Split document" working
APR-53118: Hotfolder: The 'Create different jobs for one input PPML file' is numbering incorrectly
APR-53120: Press: CIP3: frequent unwanted reprocessing (causes DQS separations to disappear)
APR-53137: JDFServer: WebApproval self-service job creates two default parts in Prepress
APR-53144: Digital Press: ppml - job gets stucked in normalizer 
APR-53155: Apogee Preflight: SISR: The line-art on page 2 is not tagged with the most recurrent
APR-53158: Press: grayscale plates are shown as discarded after a press change.
APR-53166: PPML: PDF with > 5000 pages and multiple variable elements per page consumes too much disk space
APR-53171: Apogee Preflight: generated PDFX file is not always compliant
APR-53213: Export: Exporting an imposed result with blank pages errors in Export TP.
APR-53250: PreviewService: PageMaster: PDF Softproof fails if the spot color does not have dotgain info.
APR-53259: RasterImpose: 7 times slower than in Apogee 6.0;  rule ups are missing in some cases
APR-53282: Press: CIP3: Versioning files: no CIP3 files generated for versions not including all spots
APR-53316: Framework: duplicate a device border with Asian fonts might fail in some cases.
APR-53350: Apogee Preflight: Dielines are not included in the generated PDF
APR-53357: Imposition: export mockup crashes if vertical Japanese fonts are used in the marks
APR-53365: RasterImpose: need to give a warning that scale to fit is not supported.
APR-53380: PDFRender: Vertical Font Fix first iteration caused problems with some Open Type fonts
APR-53384: LicensService: License file has to be loaded again after each restart of Prepress.
APR-53422: JobStoreServer: adding a version on the Prepress system does not bring all separations to 
		the Platemaker System.
APR-53435: Normalizer: Vertical Font Fix first iteration caused problems with some PostScript files
APR-53471: Export TP: crashes if it is followed by an Impose TP.
APR-53475: Avalon Engines: bring engine checking checkbox to Service Level
APR-53488: PPML: PPML goes wrong for 6-color flow
APR-53490: Apogee Preflight: Indesign PDF Files result in white lines appearing after preflight. 
		Need a newer fix_PDFInconsistencies action on top of this hotfix.
APR-53493: Imposition: combination of DQS, Apogee Impose and Page Ruleup crashes
APR-53494: PDFRender: mark colors appear as spot colors in the separation operation
APR-53497: JobStoreServer: memory corruption in specific cases
APR-53498: PDFRender: Issue with Press Repurposing and zero preserving links.
APR-53511: PDFRender: after installing ess-1 hotfix, after reprocessing not all thumbnails / previews
		are present anymore.
APR-53520: JobStoreServer: crash when handling PPML document with huge number of pages
APR-53537: AcentoE: need configuration setting to disable preloading for manual models
APR-53602: JobStoreServer: possible endless loop after editing of a job ticket
APR-53604: JobStoreServer: platemaker job with output 'automatically': not all separations output
APR-53619: Normalizer: Thumbnail generation failed (color management issue)
APR-53622: PDFRender: Ink Save and Press Repurposing fail for lineart images due to a problem
		with spot color black handling
APR-53639: TiffRender: crash when mapping spot colors.
APR-53655: PDFRender: Proofs with error diffused screening show patterns in the output.
APR-53677: JDFServer: avoid portal error for rule-ups on versioning job
APR-53705: PreviewService: if you replace a page with one with a different size, no thumbnails are shown anymore.
APR-53713: Normalizer: PageMaster: occasionally thumbnails are sent from a different page.
APR-53746: Normalizer: thumbnail generation fails if specific fonts are used in the PDF.
APR-53757: JDFServer: with plan ticket: parameter set for Generic Press is taken from JDFServer configuration
APR-53770: JDFServer: Portal: versioning job does not show thumbnails on PageMaster.
APR-53791: PlateMaker: message that remote system is not available frequently pops up.
APR-53792: JobStoreServer: "always discard results when reprocessing" doesn't work if 
	"discard all results always" is enabled
APR-57801: Apogee Preflight: ApogeePreflight : Make an action to check page size against Product Intent (dynamic preflight)
APR-53804: JobStoreServer: unable to archive versioning job that contains blank pages.
APR-53854: JobStoreServer: import 6.0 archive with Press (no Generic Press), CIP3 enabled
		and different processing for the Press TP => crash. 
APR-54023: PDFRender/Output: if you use a device mark in a border, a job with 
		more than 1 side will output wrong plates (i.e. always the side
		that is rendered last will be output)
ConfigManager1_45_10: 	Configuration Manager version 1.45.10. 
	Resource names are case-insensitive, 
	correct processing of system resources with changed names, 
	the "delete imposition resources"  button does not delete the default generic press parameter set.

The hotfix should only be installed on Apogee Prepress systems which exhibit the described problem.
The hotfix provides fixes for everything.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Subsystems before installing Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Drop this hotfix (in compressed format) in the Available Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.
3. Select Include and click install update.

1. Stop any Portal Creation or Prepress Sybsystems before uninstalling Apogee Prepress hotfixes
2. Select Uninstall hotfixes only from the Installed Updates pane of the UpdateManager application.

- Uninstalling any hotfix will reset your Apogee Prepress System to the last installed service pack version (without hotfixes installed). ALL installed hotfixes will be uninstalled.


To verify if this hotfix is installed, open the Basic or Extended report.