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Apogee Prepress v8 Update Guide

About this update guide

The Apogee Prepress v8 Upgrade Guide is designed to provide detailed information on new features and functionality, and cover changes to features. This guide covers a substantial number of changes and features in v8, however it's simply not possible to detail all the small points and still maintain focus on what's really important. In this document we've chosen to highlight those which have the most impact on productivity or performance.

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Using this Guide

The Prepress v8 Update Guide is organized to deliver information in a clear and concise manner. There are twelve chapters, each
divided into sections.
This Guide may be used electronically or is suitable for printing on a color printer. If you are interested in specific topics, you can easily extract just those pages without having additional information grouped with it.

About the Authors

This upgrade guide (143 pages) was written by the Academy team. Academy is a subset of the Expert Services group for North America. Academy instructors tested each feature, then documented them for you here.
Academy is: Philip Crosby, Jacques Hennig, Nancy Joynt, Linda Natho, Greg Zajac

  • Introduction.
  • Chapter 1: User Management
    • Temporarily Taming User Management
    • Changing the 'Other' User Privileges
    • User Management Overview
    • Prepress User Management: No PlateMaker Impact
  • Chapter 2: Apogee Impose
    • Unbound Jobs: Functionality Change.
    • What Are Special Covers?
    • New Folded Flatwork Functionality Added
    • Additional Functionality: Positioning Palette
    • New Auto Fit Rules in Apogee Impose
    • New Marks in Apogee Impose
    • Retrieving Part Name and/or Size from Placed Pages
    • Helpful Tools in Apogee Impose
      • Show Shingling Amount
      • Rotation & Flip Control in Press Sheet View
      • Show or Hide Detail
      • Changing the Default Part Name
      • Link or Unlink Page Trim, Bleed and Margin Values
    • List of Variables in Apogee Impose
    • List of Variables for Apogee Prepress Borders
    • Apogee Impose - New Keyboard Shortcuts
    • All the other Keyboard Shortcuts...
    • New Apogee Impose Option for Web Press Environments
  • Chapter 3: Merge Jobs Feature
    • Merge Multiple Unbound Jobs in Prepress 8
  • Chapter 4: Apogee Preflight Editable Actions
    • Expanded Apogee Preflight Functionality
      • Apogee Preflight Actions You Should Know
      • Creating/Customizing Apogee Preflight Actions
      • Apogee Preflight Action Lists
    • Where to Place Apogee Preflight Task Processors
  • Chapter 5: Special Colors Feature
    • Default Behavior of 'Varnish' Color has Changed
    • What are Special Colors?
      • Defining a Special Color
      • Defining Apogee Preflight Actions and Parameter Sets for Special Colors
  • Chapter 6: New Color Management
    • Sometimes, a Leopard Does Change its Spots
      • Job Level Enhancements
      • System Level Enhancements
    • Document Based Color Management
      • Understanding the Basics
      • PDFRender Resources
      • Other Items of Note
    • Getting Started with Document Based Color Management
      • Creating PDFRender Parameters
    • Using PDFRender Document Based Color
      • When to use Document Based Color
      • When to use Compatibility Mode Color
    • The Role of Apogee Preflight
      • Creating a Basic Action
      • Creating an Expert Action
    • What Does That Mean?
      • Color Management Terminology
  • Chapter 7: Split for Proof Enhancements
    • Split for Proof in Prepress Version 8
      • Special Covers as Pages
      • Special Covers as Spreads
      • Web Production Schemes
      • Unbound Folded Imposition
  • Chapter 8: QuickProof Enhancements
  • Chapter 9: Platemaker Enhancements & Features
    • PlateMaker Updates - Overview
      • Load Balancing and Device Switching
      • Limit Messaging
      • InkDrive Button
    • Load Balancing Multiple Engines
    • Switching Engines in the PlateMaker Client
  • Chapter 10: New Acrobat Plugins
    • New Acrobat Plug ins
    • New Acrobat Plugin: Varnish Tagger
    • New Acrobat Plug-in: Profile Tagger
    • New Acrobat Plugin: Screen Tagger
    • Available Acrobat Plugins
  • Chapter 11: Output Device Enchancements
    • About Device Groups
      • Creating A Group
      • Using the Group
    • New Option: Epson CTF SelectJet.
  • Chapter 12: Prepress Client 'Nice to Knows'
    • Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
      • User Interface Extras

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