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Did You Know?

Did you know :Apogee Prepress will warn you when running low on disk space?

:Apogee Prepress is designed to warn users when disk space is running low. It will even prevent itself from using a disk if the free space remaining reaches a critically low level (disabled disk). Disabling the disk prevents the free disk space from reaching 0 kb, in turn preventing potentially more troublesome Windows OS problems.

:Apogee Prepress uses a feature called Watermarks to configure these settings. By default, the system will send a warning notification when the free space reaches 2048 MB. This is only a warning and will not prevent any processing. The default value to disable a disk is 512 MB. If the free space reaches 512MB or below, the system will disable this disk and this problem must be corrected. When a disk is full and a notification is sent, then you need to free up that disk. If disk space is free again, enable the disk in the disk monitor.
(If you are not sure how to free up disk space or enable disks, place a call to Agfa Technical Support.)

The default values can be changed if desired. For instance, if you have a large disk (e.g., 1 TB) you can change the values to send a notification at 20000 MB and disable the disk at 10000 MB.

To configure the Watermarks:

  1. Go to the System Overview, select the :Apogee Prepress server icon.
  2. Double click the StorageServer icon at the bottom
  3. In the StorageServer window click on the Disk Monitor tab.
  4. Double click a disk to edit the Watermarks.
  5. Set the desired value in MB.

Disk Storage Watermark Settings