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APOGEE > Creating Pagination Schemes in Apogee Impose to produce post cards with common fronts

Did You Know?

Did you know that Pagination Schemes in Apogee Impose can be used to produce post cards with common fronts?

Pagination Schemes is new to Apogee Impose in :Apogee Prepress 8. It's original intention is to be used to create "unbound folded" pieces such and trifold brochures. It can also be used to create a sort of free form imposition scheme.

In this example a job requires 80 postcards to have a common front but different back content. Running 9 up on a sheet. It is also running on a digital press so it requires a front and a back for each sheet. This could be accomplished by defining 80 double sided parts but that would require placing the common front content 80 times in to the Run List. Using Pagination Schemes can simplify the process.

  • Start a new job using unbound folded double sided as the basic product definition.
    In the Product Tab click the [+] to add a new part.
  • Click the white arrow in the black circle next to Pagination
    New Job Part window in Apogee Impose
  • Set Columns and Rows to 3 and number the top with all 1's and the bottom using 2-10.
    Click OK to return to the part definition.
    Pagination scheme in Apogee Imposition
  • At the bottom of the part definition specify the number of parts needed to complete the job.
    Job part settings in Apogee Imposition
    Because of the pagination scheme being used each part represents a sheet. Each sheet accounts for 9 cards. That means there will be 9 total parts required.
  • Use auto impose to define the imposition and complete the job ticket creation.
    Completing the job creation in Auto Impose
  • In the Pages tab place the common front in to run list positions 1,11,21,31, and so on. The back pages
    would go in to 2-10, 12-20 and so on.
    Placing pages in Apogee Prepress
What if the cards bleed?

If the cards bleed begin by making sure the original part is set with a margin large enough to support the bleed before the copies are made.

Defining bleed margins in Apogee Impose

Do not use Auto Impose instead manually impose the first Press Sheet.

Double click the Press Sheet to open in Press Sheet view.

Press sheet view in Apogee Prepress

Crtl-Click all of the gutters on the sheet and use the inspector to widen them to accommodate the bleed. Now that the changes are made repeat the imposition for the rest of the job.