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Overview :Apogee Options

At A Glance

We want to re-introduce you to a few options available for your system. They're not new, but they can be pretty useful. Take a look at these and see if you don't find something that would enhance your system's productivity.

Applies To:

Options will depends on your system configuration

How It Works

Each one has a specific purpose. We haven't listed all the possibilities here and based on your current configuration, some of these may not apply.

If you see something of interest, don't hesitate to contact your local Agfa sales or service representative. We'd love to talk to you about expanding your system.

  • Apogee Imposition
    :Apogee Impose is an integrated imposition option that utilizes resources within your Prepress system to quickly impose your jobs.
    There are different methods for using Apogee Impose:
    • Auto Impose: Apogee Prepress imposes the job on the fly based on basic job and processing information such as trim size, margins and printed sheet size,…
    • Manual Impose: This is a more hands-on approach, useful for complex imposition schemes.
    • With the blended approach, Apogee Impose creates an automatic imposition that can be fine-tuned for a specific job.

  • PDF Export
    When you add PDF Export to your system, you're adding flexibility. Whether you want to have low resolution PDFs, print-ready PDFs, spot mapped PDFs, PDF/X-1s, or PDF/X-4s, this task processor is easy to incorporate into your workflow. The PDF Export option also includes font outlining and enables the Acrobat "Save As" function when you open PDFs from within the Prepress system. For additional information on PDF Export functionality, please see New Feature: Export PDF/X-4, Enhancement: PDF Export and PDFRender: Spot Color Mapping. Let your PDFs work for you.

  • InkSave
    The name says it all! We've invested a lot to help you save a lot. InkSave is uniquely :Apogee, utilizing technology within your system and :Apogee Color characterizations. The point of InkSave is to reduce your ink costs while maintaining color fidelity, detail and gray balance. This option automatically transforms your output from within the workflow, reducing cyan, magenta and yellow ink coverage. With InkSave, there's no need to customize your source files or process your work through a third party application.

  • StreamProof
    StreamProof is a powerful :Portal option that creates rendered web proofs. StreamProof lets your customers see color separations, create comments and approve or reject pages within the :Portal interface. Also introduced in :Apogee 6 is PageMaster, a very visual and easy to use :Portal interface, available exclusively to StreamProof users.

  • OpenConnect
    Want to open your Prepress system to others? OpenConnect provides an entry point to incorporate 1-bit TIFFs, Copydot and DCS files. It's a highly configurable input task processor that also supports PrintDrive Series 3 backup files. This option includes TIFFRender and Raster Normalizer task processors, which enable you to make small changes like adding Prepress borders to your output.

  • WebGrowth
    Are you running web presses? How do you handle that fanning effect that occurs on some presses? WebGrowth allows you to create profiles to compensate for expansion and/or shrinkage on a color by color basis. As jobs render through your Prepress system, a profile is applied to automatically adjust the final output. Once you've created the profiles you need, it's just a simple pick list in the job – there's no secondary processing.

  • InkDrive
    In a nutshell, InkDrive produces ink key settings for your press. We strictly adhere to CIP3 standards to accurately describe color coverage across a press sheet, then deliver the results to your press console or intermediate device. Ink key presets can significantly reduce make-ready time in the pressroom because the job rolls up faster.

  • Additional Users
    Your Prepress system comes with a 5 client license. If you regularly have more than 5 people logging on simultaneously, and you're tired of yelling across the room "I need to log on!' then expand your system with an additional user. You can buy them in increments of 1, 5, 10 and more. Remember, you can LOAD as many clients as you want but you can only USE simultaneously the number for which you're licensed.

  • Hardcopy Proofing
    This is the option that lets your Prepress system output to a host of contract quality proofers. It includes a license for one integrated proofer or non-Agfa proofer and it includes a Remote Proof Controller (RPC). RPC allows you to put your proofer somewhere else – in another building, another state, at a customer – and drive it from your Prepress system. With the introduction of Prepress 6, Hardcopy Proofing has been enhanced with our QuickProof and GDI Printer features. For more information on either of these, please see New Feature: QuickProof and New Feature: GDI Printers.