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:Apogee Prepress 7.1 in a nutshell

Major new features in :Apogee Prepress 7.1

New 3rd party components

  • Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5
  • Enfocus PitStop library 10
  • Acrobat Plug-ins are now compatible with Acrobat 10
New 3rd party components

:Apogee Impose

  • JDF Intent JDF Stripping
  • Supporting cutting devices
  • Support more complex assemblies
  • unbound and versioning support
  • Dynamic creation of paper stock and fold scheme resources
  • support for absolute and relative positioning
  • error handling
  • Powerful editing capabilities
Apogee Impose

Driving new devices

  • New Epson 4900, 7890, 9890
  • Supporting our new high quality :AvalonN8-60S
  • 3rd party CtP support for ECRM and L├╝scher
Driving new devices