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What to do when receiving a 'grace period' license notification

Your Apogee Prepress software is a dongle protected software.
For security reasons, this dongle, always needs to be attached to the systems hardware when the Prepress Software is running.
There will be no notifications in the message board as long the system is licensed properly and the dongle is connected to the hardware. (see screenshot)

However, in some occasions the dongle can not be detected or can be removed from the system accidentally.

This triggers the security system and notifies the user via the message board that system went into a "grace period":
License warning or reminder - No valid dongle. The grace period has started on [date]: still [x] days left.

"grace period" means that Apogee Prepress can still be used, but that a counter has been started for 14 days.

Within this period, action needs to be taken to resolve the problem and to renew the license.
If this is not done before the end-date has been reached, the prepress software can't be used anymore.

Take into account that when a dongle has been re-attached to the system and the software recognises the dongle, the grace period counter will stop and the message will disappear from the message board.
Keep in mind that the counter remains on the number of days left.
When the dongle is removed again, the grace period counter will start counting down where it left off.
So re-licensing is always mandatory and needs to be done by an Agfa Service Engineer.

The notification when a system is not working anymore is: The grace period is expired.