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Disabled Disk

Apogee Prepress is designed to warn users when disks are offline/disabled.
When a disk is disabled, a ‘Critical Alert’ will be shown:
'SystemName' is experiencing severe system conditions and. These must be fixed ASAP.
'date' - Disabled disk.

  • Click on the 'Review' button of the 'Critical Alert'
  • Disabled Disk Warning
  • the 'Message Board' of Apogee PrePress will be shown
  • Disabled Disk in Message Board

    How to solve this?
  1. Check if the disk is corrupt or if there is still enough free disk space available.
  2. Go to 'System Overview' and select the Apogee Prepress Server (second icon on top)
  3. Double click on 'StorageServer' (lower left bottom of the System Overview)
  4. Select the 'Disk Monitor' tab (second tab)
  5. Select the disk indicated in red and hit the 'Enable' button

  6. Disk enabling in StorageServer